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23 Apr2018
Chery Test Driving in F-class Tracks Conquers Overseas Consumers

On April 22, 2018, Chery organized test driving/riding of its new-generation products in KAISER Auto Sport Center in Changping District of Beijing. As the first stop of Chery International Annual Conference of Overseas Dealers, the event attracted more than 200 representatives of the manufacturer’s overseas dealers, nearly 40 global mainstream media and the many overseas Chery vehicle owners, who witnessed the wonderful performance of Chery products.

The KAISER Auto Sport Base in Changping District of Beijing covers 140,000 square meters. The site is mainly used for test driving, cross-country experience, launch of new products, training programs and drifting competition, etc. It is one of the largest auto test driving/riding sites in Beijing. The test driving completely matched the theme of Inspire A New Era. The Blue Ray design in the starting gate really looks futuristic, conveying the attitude of Chery to follow the trend and look into the future, and expressing the Chery’s determination to obtain the overseas users.

TIGGO7 (2018) and TIGGO4, the two star models of Chery, were used in the test driving. Through jungle driving, slope climbing and tire road driving, the test driving/riding helped people witness and experience the agile control and excellent performance of Chery products. In the jungle driving, the cars drove in the complex and winding snake-shaped route. With wonderful steering system, Chery produce presented the precise turn reaction. And the agile control made sure the test drivers gain the most exciting driving experience. In the slope-climbing experience, Chery showed its robust power and HHC performance. In the emergency braking experience, the vehicle, equipped with EPB+autohold system, effectively protected the driving safety and stability. On the proprietary T1X platform, Chery is equipped with professional chassis calibration and 3R-Body framework, which help the drivers/riders see the most considerate design in Chery products in safety. In addition to the test driving/riding, Chery also organized the auto acrobat performance, tail drifting, rotating, drifting and side roll, etc. The participants not only enjoyed the amazing performance, but also experienced the appalling quality of Chery products.

On the site, Chery overseas dealers said the activity helped them better understand the quality and charm of Chery products from different perspectives. Deeply impressed by the stylish design of Chery product, they now have great confidence in future development of the brand. Media representatives also said it was not only a test driving/riding, but also a splendid auto show. They hoped to see more Chery products driving on the roads all over the world. 

With rich contents including the test driving/riding, the 2018 Chery International Annual Conference of Overseas Dealers will bring more surprises to us.