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25 Apr2018
Share Development Results, Seek Common Development --2018 Chery International Theme Conference wrapped up

As a Chinese leading auto brand, Chery hammered out a detailed internationalization strategy in its early days. Export to Syria in 2011 marked a milestone in Chery's global strategy. Having operated abroad for tens of years, Chery has been recognized and favored by overseas consumers for its outstanding products and services. With operations in more than 80 countries and regions, Chery has achieved cumulative overseas sales of more than 1.3 million units. Every day new consumers join Chery family. Build cars with ingenuity, win the future by quality. With the significant enhancement of Chery's overseas popularity, and the gradual deepening of its global strategic layout, many overseas dealers have been optimistic about Chery's market prospect.

Share development results, seek common development. On April 13, more than 200 overseas dealers of Chery gathered in Beijing for a heated discussion about Chery's current situation and future development. He Xiaoqing, Deputy General Manager of Chery; Pan Yanlong, General Manager of Chery International; Zhang Guibing, General Manager Assistant of Chery; Du Weiqiang, Deputy General Manager of Chery International and Feng Ping, Deputy General Manager of Chery International attended the conference alongside a host of overseas dealers.

The conference included a business seminar and a banquet. With the theme "Digital Marketing", it aimed to better serve the market through digital marketing.Industry veteran was invited to present the current trend of "digitalization" and Chery's achievements in digital marketing through cases and video. Meanwhile, dealers from Iran, Argentina, Russia, Chile, Brazil and other core markets had heated discussions. Amid a lively atmosphere, all offered advice on Chery's future development.

At the banquet, Pan Yanlong, General Manager of Chery International delivered an ebullient keynote speech. He reviewed the past, looked into the future and expressed full confidence in Chery's future. All results Chery achieved abroad over the years have been inseparable from the concerted efforts of global partners. In the night, Chery presented an award ceremony in recognition of overseas markets' contributions.

Reviewing the past and looking into the future, Chery is willing to join hands with you to create a bright future. With brilliance continuing, let's "Inspire a New Era".