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29 Apr2018
Chery with Premium Quality Became Most Popular China’s Auto Brand in Russia

Chery, having worked in global market for years, gains numerous prizes and achievements. After topping the Satisfaction Survey among Russian dealers, Chery received the award of Most Popular China’s Auto Brand in Russia in 2018 Russia Automobile Awarding Ceremony held on April 26 thanks to its prominent technological competency and brand image. Actually, Chery first obtained the award in 2015 and it was the third time for the brand to get it, revealing the fact that Chery has won great recognition from local consumers and media and presenting its excellent strength of the leading automobile brand in China to make international presence. 

(2018 Russia Automobile Awarding Ceremony)

The Russia Automobile Awarding Ceremony, first held in 2000, is hosted by the famous auto media Autogoda in Russia. As the most famous automobile awarding event, the result came from the votes cast by nearly one million consumers, presenting, in the fairest way, local users’ cognition and preference for automobile brands. Russia market has huge potential, whose auto market size ranks in the leading position in Europe and even in the world. With wonderful market environment, Russia has attracted so many automobile brands from all parts of the world, resulting in fierce competition. The awards won by Chery in Russia highlight the fame and reputation of the brand in the local market.


Since entering Russia market in 2005, Chery has operated there for more than ten years. It has launched a few series of star products including ARRIZO3, ARRIZO7, TIGGO3, NEW TIGGO3, TIGGO2 and TIGGO5, etc. In 2018, it will launch the all-new SUV model, which will definitely be favored by Russian users because of its more stylish design and better driving/riding experience. In addition to the optimized product lines, Chery will combine various innovative marketing models to enhance brand force. By organizing sport marketing activities in Russia in 2018, it focuses on the brand core FUN while hosting the FUN TO RUSSIA activity to shorten the distance between consumers, brand and products. In this way, Chery brand is deeply rooted in the heart of local consumers while improving the brand competitiveness.

With robust brand force and localized strategy, Chery has consolidated and upgraded its position in Russia market. Since 2008, Chery has built welding, coating and general assembly production line in Russia, thus realizing the localized whole-series assembly. In the future, Chery will expand the localized production, improve product cost, provide automobile products that better cater to demands of local consumers, and provide more convenient, holistic and comfortable service.

Russia is one of the most important overseas markets of Chery. Till today, Chery has sold over 200,000 units in Russia, with sales and service networks covering almost all major cities in the country to provide mature and reliable products and services for Russian consumers. In April, Chery will make dual results in Russia, as the proof of the brand force and outcome of its hard efforts. In the future, Chery will continue to make adaptive product development catering to local demands while improving its influence in Russia and in the global market.