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16 May2018
Ingenuity-Chery 3rd Global Manufacturing Skills Competition kicks off

On May 15, 2018, "Ingenuity Builds Soul, Quality Leads to Excellence"-Chery 3rd Global Manufacturing Skills Competition Finals kicked off in Changshu, China. More than 130 skillful workers from Chery's eight manufacturing bases in China, four overseas manufacturing bases in Iran, Brazil, Egypt and Venezuela, as well as two joint ventures-Chery Jaguar Land Rover and Qoros gathered for days showdown. During the competition, they will show their super skills and the spirit of innovation and perfection.

(A group photo of competitors and staff)

The competition falls into five categories: engine, stamping, welding, coating and assembly, and includes two stages: plant/base preliminaries and global finals (written test, technical defense, practical operation assessment, standardization evaluation). The Finals will selected 60 finalists,6 excellent palyers,5 contest winners,5 excellent co-organizers and best organizational units.

(Scenes of the written test)

As the only Chinese branded automaker hosting a Global Manufacturing Skills Competition, Chery has conducted persistent R&D and innovation, promoted the craftsman spirit, established an international "V-shaped" forward product development system and process, created a model of double-matrix development management integrating "10 professional lines" with "five product lines", and built four platforms-M1X, T1X, M3X and NEV; in products, Chery has comprehensively practiced CPS (Chery Production System) and TPS (Total Production System), deepened system capacity construction, ensured the globally uniform manufacturing standards and quality of products, exported products to more than 80 countries and regions, earned high praise from markets and consumers, and established the image of "Technology Chery" and "Quality Chery" worldwide.

(Contestants cheer up)

The competition not only built a manufacturing technology exchange platform for Chery's domestic and overseas workers, but also aroused their enthusiasm about production technology research and persistent innovation, significantly sharpened their manufacturing skills and effectively accomplished the standardization of Chery's global manufacturing skills.

(Plant visit)

In the future, with the brand concept of "technology, quality and focus", Chery will continue to offer consumers ingenious products and outstanding services, in an effort to become a globally influential brand.