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01 Jun2018
Tiggo 2 launched to mark 10th anniversary of Chery's entry into Argentina

In the past decade since its entry into Argentina in 2008, Chery has achieved brilliant results in Argentina, been the largest foreign auto seller in Argentina in the long term, built sales and service networks covering key Argentinean cities, stricken a chord in the hearts of locals, and been favored by Argentinean media and consumers. In chilly May, Chery launched its star model-Tiggo 2 in Buenos Aires in return for the favor of customers and as a gift for the 10th anniversary of its entry into Argentina.

On May 29, 2018, Tiggo 2 made a brilliant presence at Centrol Naval in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. At the launch conference, a dynamic dance conveyed the youthfulness and fashion of Tiggo 2. Over 100 Argentinean media outlets and over 50 dealers attended the historic brand event. At the conference, Chery introduced its brand orientation and concept to deepen dealers and consumers' knowledge of Chery.

As Chery's star SUV, Tiggo 2 has been recognized and favored by global consumers, and melt the hearts of young consumers by its young and trendy appearance, concise and elegant interior, as well as all-round functions. Tiggo 2 launched in Argentina features H.D.S hydrodynamic body, super high ground clearance and ultimate trafficability. Rich and utility safety devices like TPMS, ESC, ABS and HHC eliminate potential hazards to give drivers superior safeguards. Most importantly, its fuel consumption per kilometer is only 5.9L which meets the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection. It will contribute to the environmental protection of Argentina.

Bordering on countries including Brazil and Bolivia, Argentina enjoys superior geographical location and rich natural resources. The Argentinean auto market has huge potential. Chery has kept to the route of internationalization in the long term. As an important oversea market of Chery, Argentina has played a positive role in the globalization of Chery. Over the years, Chery has kept deepening its operations in Argentina, and been committed to improving its product quality and brand image. Through a series of marketing campaigns, Chery has been well known in Argentina. In February 2018, Chery joined hands with Copa Argentina once again to deliver more exciting matches to Argentinean consumers, showing its determination to conduct deep operations in Argentina.

The launch of Tiggo 2 in Argentina is an inevitable result of Chery's product innovation, as well as its move to cater to consumers' changing needs. It has not only enriched Chery's product layout in Argentina, but also boosted the confidence of its dealers. Its sales are believed to grow steadily and constantly in Argentina.

With the launch of Tiggo 2 in Argentina, Chery will embark upon a new journey.