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08 Jun2018
Excellent Skills with 100% Satisfaction CHERY 3rd International and 13th China After-sales Service Skills Competition Opens

The year of 2018 marks the 12th anniversary of the establishment of the "Fun & Fast" service brand, and it also ushers in the Global 3rd and13thChina After-sales Service Skills Competition. This competition is divided into three stages: the mass election, the battle zone competition, and the final.

A thousand boats set sail to fight for the leadership role

Continuing the theme of "Excellent Skills with 100% Satisfaction", the competition will examine the skill level of the front-line service consultants and electrical and mechanical technicians who have the most contact with customers, focusing on examining their proficiency in business and degree of standardization and specialization, and present to everyone a united, positive, persistent and focused global event through the competition and exchange between domestic and foreign contestants.

This competition is the competitive feast of CHERY which gathers both the most competitive service elites in the world and the most excellent skills and most sincere services. In the finals, there will be contestants from 10 countries including Russia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Egypt, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, and 24 Chinese representative teams competing with each other. Through organizing the service skills competition, CHERY can explore a group of highly skilled service personnel to form a dedicated team with excellent skills, and further to establish a positive and unceasingly advancing industry spirit for the self-owned brand cars.

Keep Promises and Craftsmanship 

In recent years, under the guidance of the increasingly mature brand service concept, relying on excellent service teams, continuously improved service facilities and quality, CHERY has been progressively improving its network layout, optimizing service measures, and improving its after-sales service system and service process, and has won the unanimous recognition of the industry and consumers in the field of after-sales service, wining the "Golden Service - Customer Satisfaction Award" for consecutive years.

The achievement and the recognition of customers did not come out of thin air. Under the guidance of the "Fun & Fast" brand and the "Five Heart Service" concept, CHERY has continuously improved the service technology level and optimized the service process over the years, striving to provide customers with "more professional, more thoughtful, and more convenient" services from a higher dimension and help them enjoy every moment with their cars.

To this end, CHERY has always attached importance to improving and perfecting the after-sales service personnel training system, of which the organization of the service skills competition is an important part. Since 2002, CHERY has established a service skills competition mechanism. Through the accumulation of the 12 sessions of competitions, CHERY has made great progress in terms of technical exchanges and enhancement of personnel service levels, which has laid a solid foundation for keeping the promise of the "Fun & Fast" service brand.

Continuing the theme of the "Excellent Skills with 100% Satisfaction", this competition will develop the skill level of participating service consultants and electrical and mechanical technicians through training with competition while meticulously examining the front-line service level of CHERY's network service providers, so as to create a more outstanding elite service team to provide the CHERY owners with happy experience in faster, more professional and more thoughtful services.

Highlights of the previous competitions:

The first competition in 2002

Highlights: The competition focused on examining the comprehensive ability, and was divided into three ways: speech, written examination and maintenance. It not only examined the theoretical level of the service personnel from different service stations, but also paid attention to their actual level of operation, and even included their oral expression ability in the examination.

The fifth competition in 2008

Highlights: The number of contestants exceeded 10,000 for the first time; for the first time, a large number of "third parties" were invited to participate and serve as the interviewees of the service consultants to personally experience the competition; for the first time, it was clearly stated that the service ability would be the greatest driving force for CHERY to promote its marketing in the next stage.

The eighth competition in 2012

Highlights: For the first time, the "3+3" preliminary mode was created, that was, through three network evaluations, the service personnel of the three positions in the service stations were examined, including the electrical and mechanical technicians, painting technicians and service consultants, to finally select the contestants to participate in the semi-finals. At the same time, the competition also examined the professional level of the  contestants in the form of "theory test + practical test" to select more comprehensive professionals.

The tenth competition in 2014

Highlights: CHERY held a global after-sales service skills competition for the first time, and was geared to international standards in the field of automotive after-sales service for the first time. The international service teams from Chery International Inc. in Chile, Malaysia, etc. and the elites from eight regions of CHERY in China competed with each other.

The 11th competition in 2016

Highlights: A comprehensive review was carried out for Chinese contestants on "standard after-sales service procedures, electrical and mechanical maintenance skills, and service station heads' internal business management and promotion", and the assessment of international contestants focused on the level of electrical and mechanical maintenance skills.

The 12th competition in 2017

Highlights: The competition combined with regular maintenance experience program newly launched by CHERY in 2017 to set examination points. How to apply the content learned to practical work and better carry out customer relationship maintenance was the top priority of the competition.