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19 Jun2018
Chery TIGGO 4 is Launched in Peru, Global Exploration Tour Starts Again

Peru, the birthplace of Inca civilization in the Americas, has a long history and culture, and is famous for its magnificent Amazon Rain Forest. Beautiful sceneries such as Colca Canyon, NASCAR Lines, and Lake Titicaca are the holy lands of tourists all over the world. Although China and Peru are more than 10,000 kilometers apart and face each other across the Pacific Ocean, they have forged profound friendship because of a Chinese automobile manufacturer.


On June 12, 2018, Chery's brand-new SUV TIGGO 4 was unveiled in Peru, and a grand launch conference was held at the beautiful St. Pascual Manor in Cieneguilla. After being launched in Chile, this is the second stop of Chery TIGGO 4’s global exploration tour. More than 100 people, including the representatives of mainstream media and dealers of the industry and the leaders of SKBergé Group (Chery Peru's distributor), were invited to attend the launch conference and witnessed the grand gathering of Chery brand.

TIGGO 4 received unanimous approbation and favorable comments from the media and guests on the site due to its fashionable and dynamic appearance design and excellent manipulation performance. Some media said, "As a young, fashionable and dynamic Chery SUV, TIGGO 4 caters to the inherent enthusiasm of Peruvian people. It is believed that after TIGGO 4 goes on sale, it will definitely be loved by Peruvian users, especially young users. "

As the key product of Chery Strategy 2.0 Era, TIGGO 4 comes from the craftsmanship of Chery T1X platform, inherits Chery Concept β’s cool design style, and shows its individualized image with flexible and dynamic streamline body. As Peru has complicated road conditions and lots of mountainous roads, manipulation performance becomes an important factor for users to consider when buying cars. Adopting the suspension structure of "MacPherson type + multi-link type", TIGGO 4 has smooth shifting and timely acceleration response, its good manipulation performance brings unlimited driving pleasure to users. Even on complicated mountainous roads, it can be manipulated easily. In addition, TIGGO 4 has the configuration of 9-inch capacitive display screen, cell phone mapping, and bluetooth call, etc., its rich entertainment features make TIGGO 4 a fashion and popular among young users. The meticulous safety care shown by TIGGO 4 makes users feel secure and comfortable. Bosch 9.1 ESP, reversing camera, EPB and other safety configuration can solve users' safety concerns and are widely praised by users.

Since entering Peru market in 2008, Chery always ranks among the best sales of Chinese automobile brands due to its efficient localization strategy and high-quality products and services. Recently, Chery TIGGO family won Peru's award of "Best-selling Model of the Year" for three times, reflecting Chery's strong brand genes and good market reputation.

Chery is developing the global market step by step. The launch of every new product is the output of Chery's sincerity. In the future, Chery will also launch more excellent new products according to the demands of users in each market.

TIGGO 4's global exploration tour will continue……