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24 Jul2018
CHERY LION Kicked off New Era of CHERY Intelligence

The manufacturer has sold its products to over 80 countries and regions in the world. Behind the many honors it has received, e.g., Company with Best Overseas Image, we can find the adherence to quality and pursuit of innovation made by Chery executives and employees. For years, Chery keeps working on the cutting-edge technologies and resulting in excellent results. When the global automobile industry is embracing intelligence these days, the manufacturer also launches CHERY LION as part of its intelligence brand strategy, marking its holistic transition towards intelligence and kicking off its development of intelligence. 

In 2018, Chery held the FUN 2 X Intelligent & Link Press Conference, which unveiled its CHERY LION strategy. In the framework of CHERY LIION, there are five business platforms (Intelligent Driving, Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Production, Intelligent Digital Marketing and Intelligent Travel), covering digital and intelligent layout of Chery in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service. Intelligent Driving represents autopilot; Intelligent Cloud represents intelligent link; Intelligent Production stands for intelligent manufacturing; Intelligent Digital Marketing represents digital marketing and Intelligent Travel means sharing travel in the future. In the era of “priority of users and experience”, CHERY LION strategy will become crucial to future development of the brand. 

Chery is one of automobile manufacturers in China that have made early development in intelligent vehicles. In 2010, Chery and CAS Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences jointly established the autopilot vehicle technical platform. In January 2018, the Special ARRIZO5, a model jointly developed by Chery and Baidu, made presence at the most influential CES in US, revealing the great strength of Chery in autopilot driving and receiving great praise. After years of hard work, Chery has finalized development of the first and second generation of autopilot vehicles. It is expected that Chery will fulfill the Level 5 full autopilot driving after 2026. The TIGGO8 and ARRIZO GX, exhibited in Beijing Auto Show this year, are two all-new models developed by Chery using CHERY LION philosophy. The Chery Cloud system equipped on the models reveals the advanced intelligent link technology of Chery that builds smart life for users. 

As automobile industry enters the new era of technological and industrial reforms, intelligence will become one of the most important directions for future development of automobile industry. The CHERY LION strategy m arks that Chery has kicked off its intelligence industry. With corporate spirit of technological innovations, Chery will keep building intelligence R&D system, speed up launching all-new products in the overseas market, bring better intelligent products to global users, and facilitate the new process of its brand globalization.