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02 Aug2018
Hi Chery!Chery Global Fans Festival Begins

2018 Russia World Cup has dropped the curtain. In this exciting season, taking the world cup as an opportunity, major brand owners carried out various marketing activities. During the world cup, Chery Auto invited more than 70 car owners around the world to start a world cup carnival tour - "FUN TO RUSSIA", catching the eyes of the world and also winni n g the praises of many fans. Just like the brand core of "Fun", Chery's exploration of wonderful life is endless. Looking back on 2017 Chery Fans China Trip, more than 10 overseas fans visited China to experience the charm and profoundness of oriental civilization. They witnessed the new and great changes in China and arrived in Wuhu to visit the brand charm of Chery cars with the most Chinese characteristics, which demonstrates Chery's customer-centered service concept. 

This year, Chery Global Fans Festival, themed "Hi Chery", will once again attract the eyes of the world. A special surprise will be offered to fans of Chery car owners around the world. The online recruitment time is from 00:00 August 1 to 24:00 September 10, 2018. Firstly, participating fans need to follow Chery International official account on Facebook and post pictures on their FB homepage to share wonderful photos of their own or family members related to Chery cars, label # HiChery, @ Chery official FB account, and display good things, active attitude, or planning for the future. After being shortlisted, candidate photos will be posted on Chery's official account homepage. The participants shall share their homepage links with their friends and invite them to give their Thumbs Up. Finally, the post published at Chery account with the highest number of Thumbs Ups within the range of one market will win the first place of the market, and the winner will be given a big prize - China Trip. The lucky fans will be invited to China and visit Shanghai, Suzhou and Wuhu, the three cities with the most Chinese characteristics, to personally experience the charm of China’s modern municipalities, the idyllic scenery in regions south of the Yangtze River, and the unique brand charm of Chery cars.


Themed by "Hi Chery", this Chery activity is concise, lively and relaxed, using a tone of greeting with old friends to interact with fans around the world and produce emotional resonance, which also highlights the friendly relationship between Chery and fans around the world.

What are you waiting for? Online recruitment has started officially. Come and join "Hi Chery" Global Fans Festival. Here, you are no longer an onlooker but a real master. Follow Chery’s official account on Facebook: Chery International, and have fun to interact with us!