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27 Aug2018
In all my cars Chery is the best one

As a Chinese auto brand going global first, Chery has been China's largest passenger vehicle exporter for 15 consecutive years, and exported a total of more than 1.3 million units to over 80 countries and regions.  Chery has been honored as "the Most Popular Chinese Auto Brand" in Russia three times. Meanwhile, Chery has won “The Best Overseas Image” among "Top 20 Best Overseas Images of Chinese Enterprises" and ranked first in the equipment manufacturing category for two consecutive years. In 2018, Chery Tiggo 2 was selected as the "Best SUV of 2018" in Chile. Then what is Chery like in the eyes of overseas consumers? Now let's listen to the voice of Chery's overseas owners to find the answer.

Egyptian owner: I chose Chery for comfort

Princess Huda is a seasoned traveler who spends most of her spare time traveling. The most impressive thing she feels about Chery is comfort.

Ecuadorian owner: Chery earns trust by quality and power

The whole family of Leonardo Cárdenas like traveling and have been loyal fans of Chery. He said, the quality of Chery car makes me and my family have more trust on it. 

Chilean owner: Chery is the best

Camila Nikolle Robledo Ayala running a large furniture company is also a senior Chery owner. He said, “In all my cars, Chery is the best one, I love it very much.”

Chery has conducted forward R&D in accordance with global standards in recent years, thus enjoying strong competitiveness in overseas markets whether in product design and quality or in intelligent connection. In terms of marketing, Chery has highly integrated its technologies, brands and fine corporate culture accumulated over the years with local markets, to speed up localization in overseas markets. All these are important reasons for Chery's global sales boom. With the gradual deepening of Chery's internationalization strategy, it is believed that more and more owners will join the great family of Chery.