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06 Sep2018
CHERY TIGGO2 Lands on Sharing Vehicle Platform in Russia

On August 6, 2018, the first 50 TIGGO2 shared vehicles joined YouDrive Pool program in Russia. The CheryDrive vehicles will provide car leasing service for all users of YouDrive. In the initial stage, CheryDrive will only be available to Moscow users.

CheryDrive is offered on the YouDrive Pool platform. Users of YouDrive gain access to car leasing service provided by CheryDrive without registering in it. TIGGO2 luxury version of Chery is used in the CheryDrive program, whose leasing price is lower than the average price in Russia market, namely, 7.5 rubles every driving minute and only two rubles every waiting minute. The low-cost premium service has gained favor from Russian users.

As the sharing economy rises in the world, car sharing has become an important part of urban transport infrastructures in many cities. Business of car sharing in Moscow is booming and rising evidently. According to officials of Moscow Bureau of Transport, at present the city has 15 operators of car sharing with two million registered users. In particular, the number of shared cars in Moscow rose from 4,000 to 7,700 in the half year from September 2017 to April this year. It is noteworthy that car sharing in Russia is also open to foreign tourists, who can drive in Russia by providing electronic passport and driver’s license to finalize the registration.

Chery has accumulated rich experience in car sharing. The eQ and eQ1 shared car models featuring long driving mileage and fast charging, which are launched in China market, are quite popular in mainland China. The principal of YouDrive said, “Partnership with the (automobile manufacturer) Chery marks a new stage of development for us. ” And it is also the new move of Chery to join the fleet of car sharing in Russia. “TIGGO2 has handsome and cool appearance and excellent performance. Featuring wonderful driving experience, moderate leasing price, easy parking, it brings greatest convenience and fun to our life and work.” The TIGGO2 of Chery has been greatly favored by Moscow users of car sharing, in particular the young groups. The rate of use keeps rising. Principal of Chery Moscow said the manufacturer adopts the open mentality in the field of car sharing. In addition to the TIGGO2 luxury version, it plans to launch more high-end models in the market of car sharing in Russia.

After experiencing development in the past decade and more, Chery has greatly improved its fame in Russia, winning the title of Most Popular China’s Automobile Brand in Russia for a few times. TIGGO2, TIGGO3 and TIGGO5 have become the most popular star products in the country. Chery shows great insight into local market in Russia, making constant attempts and active moves catered to the local realities. With young and diverse actions, it practices the core philosophy of FUN. It is believed that, as Chery becomes deeply rooted in Russia market, it will organize more marketing activities in the country. Chery Russia will definitely have a brighter future deserving expectations.