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25 Sep2018
Chery TIGGO2 Listed in 20 Best-selling Auto Models in Chile

ANAC, the auto association in Chile, just publicized the list of Best-selling Auto Models in Chile market in the past eight months, which includes TIGGO2, the sole model of China’s auto brands. It is also the first time for an auto brand of China to be placed in the list. Due to the total sales of Chery in the first eight months in this year, Chery is also placed in the list as a brand.

According to data revealed by ANAC, total sales of Chery rose by 27% in the first eight months YOY, whose market share grew from 1.8% to 2.1%. Sales of Chery TIGGO2 remained stable, with the single model taking market share of 1.3% and ranking the 17th place in the list of Best-selling Auto Models in Chile.

(Total sales and market share of TIGGO2 in the first eight months in 2018)

In 2005, Chery and SK Berge Group in Chile signed agreement of partnership, announcing its launch into Chile market. Over the past one decade and more, Chery keeps making steady progress and ends in becoming the auto brand of China most favored by local consumers in Chile. In 2007, Chery’s launched QQ and TIGGO3 in Chile market. In 2018, Chery TIGGO4 came to Chile market. With actions, Chery expressed her love for the land. In February 2016, Chery organized media journalists and professional test driving and riding staff to Atacama Desert, which is known as the Dry Polar. They tested the performance of ARRIZO5 in the extremely hot desert environment, so as to include the philosophy of User Priority in the product development and routine work.

Chile users prefer silver grey auto body. Considering this, Chery has launched the silver gray version of TIGGO2 while making adaptability configurations development. Chile football loves football and sports. By providing sponsorship, Chery helped present the wonderful sport event for local people. For instance, Chery once sponsored national football team of Chile and Club Deportivo Universidad Católica. Considering Chile users love SUV models, Chery has sped up launching all-new SUV models such as TIGGO4 and TIGGO7, which have obtained wonderful market performance. By sensing the user demands of users, Chery works hard to develop products favored by local users. These efforts explain why TIGGO2 is placed in the list of Best-selling Auto Models in Chile.

Statistics of ANAC reveal Chile market has more than 70 auto brands, including 25 brands from China. China has become the fifth largest importing country of autos only after Japan, Korea, US and France. In August this year, Chery sold 1,000 units for the first time in Chile market, making the new record of single-month sales in Chile. There is no doubt that Chile has become an integral part of Chey’s global strategy. The brand will continue to enhance product layout in Chile market. In the future, Chery will continue to explore Chile and South America market while moving forward in the persistent way.