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30 Sep2018
Chery Launched All-new ARRIZO5/TIGGO4 in Egypt

On September 26, Cairo International Auto Show was kicked off in Egypt, which gathered all famous brands in the world. Chery also exhibited many of its models in the auto show. At the same time, the brand also announced the launch of its new-generation products, ARRIZO5 and TIGGO4 in Egypt. On the day of Auto Show, Chery International Senior VP Du Weiqiang, GB Auto Group Chery Business Department GM Kamal, dozens of mainstream media in Egypt and users of Chery witnessed the glory moment of ARRIZO5 and TIGGO4. 

Chery adopts the black & white for its stand. The warm-color lights, together with the black-white colors, build the strong dense of technology. At the press conference, Mr. Du Weiqiang first praised what Chery has achieved in Egypt market, saying, “These achievements cannot be won without consumer’s trust in Chery brand and products, and close cooperation between Chery and GB Auto. Egypt is the major overseas market of Egypt. To meet Egyptian consumers’ demands, Chery will introduce its new-generation models ARRIZO5 and TIGGO4 into Egypt market. These all-new models will help you better understand the all-new Life in Motion design language of the brand and its connotations containing technology, quality and dedication”. GB Auto leader, in his speech, said “ARRIZO5 and Tigg4, as the representative models of Chery 2.0 products, combine all-new manufacturing technologies and philosophy of Chery. Based on M1X and T1X international platforms, it has superb performance and configurations, and having perfect performance in safety and comfort.”


 Based on M1X platform, ARRIZO5 is new-generation product with greatest international competitiveness. It is featured by youth and fashion. ARRIZO5 has the H.D.S. water-flow dynamic body. The diving attitude perfectly explain dynamics and aesthetics. Its slightly upward-moving tail highlights the features of youth and sports. All ARRIZO5 models are equipped with genuine-leather steering wheel, imitation-leather seats, 16-inch aluminum hub, rear radar, positioning cruise, ESP and other electronic functions. Besides, ARRIZO5, through the positive R&D system of Chery, integrates years of technical results of Chery. By making verification of parts and components, system reliability, control of production and manufacturing reliability, and other product process of international standards, it ensures the international product quality while gaining five-star evaluation in C-NCAP collision test. Since its launch in the global market, it has won recognition from global consumers. The more than 10,000-unit sales per month perfect prove its product quality.

TIGGO4 is a star product for Chery to compete in the world market. It was based on T1X product, the international product platform of Chery, and adopts the EU & US safety coefficient standard. The vehicle adopts the advanced body structural design with high-tech materials and safety. The integrated cage body built by super-strong thermal-formation can reduce body impact. The Lotus professional chassis calibration, the MacPerson front suspension + rear multiple-rod independent suspension + dual sub-frames suspension structure, and the ESP, HBA, TPMS and other electronic aiding systems eliminate concerns of even new drivers so that driving becomes enjoyable. Besides, TIGGO4 is also equipped with 18-inch aluminum hub, super-large sunroof, 9-inch HD touch screen, 6 safety airbags and other premium configurations, which make sure you enjoy the superb experience. How can you miss such product with both internal and external competencies.

AS the first auto brand from China to Egypt, Chery shows its determination for its development in Egypt by launching ARRIZO5 and TIGGO4 in the country. It is believed that, as the new-generation ARRIZO5 and TIGGO4 are launched and achieve best sales, Chery will get to the upper level in Egypt.