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10 Oct2018
Double-core Drive and Intelligent Evolution; ARRIZO GX&EX Launched into Market

On October 10, Shanghai Sports Center for College Students witnessed the press conference of Chery Arrizo GX and EX, which was themed Born for Excellence. Chery’s all-new A+ sedan Arrizo GX and A sedan Arrizo EX were launched into the market at the press conference, which was attended by more than 800 participants. Automotive experts from the global, journalists and representatives of Chery dealers participated in the event.

Uniquely, the press conference was held on the ice, producing the great sense of tech and future while generating the dreamlike scenes. The ice sports represent youth, dynamics, speed and passion, which perfectly reveal the leading intelligent technologies, high-performance control and youthful product design of Arrizo products of Chery.  

Chery Chairman Mr. Yin Tongyue was speaking

Arrizo GX&EX: Initiate intelligence era of Chery

Chery transition towards intelligence starts with naming of Arrizo GX and EX, which have the following meaning:

G stands for the product image featuring Go-ahead; E represents the image of Elegant. X represents the strategy of Chery Lion, thus functioning as the label of AI. It includes representations of AI, the all-new-generation Arrizo, e.g., the unprecedented changes; all-new appearance and trimming style; evident family characteristics; and people who create the limitless possibilities.

In his speech, Chery Chairman Mr. Yin Tongyue said, “Arrizo GX&EX are all-new sedans developed by Chery on the basis of Chery Lion. These two models are equipped with Chery’s leading Lion Cloud linking system. For the first time, they apply AI technology to reveal the phase results of the manufacturer’s transition towards intelligence, thus laying a solid foundation for us to optimize human travels and lifestyles.”

Chery Vice President Dr. Gao Xinhua was speaking.

In the speech, Chery Vice President Dr. Gao Xinhua said at present, “Lion Cloud linking system focuses on the model of intelligent control + Internet service. In the future, it will evolve towards ecological fusion + Internet security+ mobile service and AI + autopilot fusion”.

Arrizo GX: With attractive appearance, wonderful intelligence and performance, it takes the responsibility for both branding and sales.

Arrizo GX is positioned as the “good-looking sedan with pioneering performance”. With excellent performance in appearance, intelligence and performance, Arrizo GX is the flagship model of Arrizo targeted at higher-end market and users, representing the new-generation image of the Arrizo. Arrizo GX is inclined towards youth and sport in terms of naming, appearance design and power configurations. At the same time, the model is equipped with Lion Cloud intelligent linking system that has many AI black technologies, ensuring it reaches a new height in the level of intelligence.

Arrizo GX

Attractive appearance. “The appearance and trimming of Arrizo GX reveal the brand’s ceaseless pursuit for designs and its international design philosophy. At the same time, it also showcases Chery’s modern aesthetic notion featuring nature, elegance and luxury. Arrizo GX is already a masterpiece with international quality, which matches same-class sedans in Japan, Europe and US in both design philosophy and sense of manufacturing quality”, said the founder of a famous automotive design magazine.

In terms of appearance, Arrizo Gx adopts the all-new aesthetic concept of tech sports. The abrupt broad X front, the curve band-type energy lights, the matrix front grille perfectly co-exists with the front. At the same time, the speedy lines and fastback design reduce the wind resistance coefficient to 0.28.

Trimming design of Arrizo GX

In terms of trimmings, it adopts the all-new high-tech cabin style that combines elegance, nature and high-end sense, thus producing the design style of all-new trimmings that carry Chery genes. The asymmetrical Future Wings suspended meters panel layout, and the seven-inch intelligent link multiple-purpose LCD meters, the eight-inch AC LCD touch screen, and the nine-inch retina-class HD touch capacitor console screen constitute the three-screen linking layout, which make the console system more people-oriented and give the all-new control experience to drivers.

Highly intelligent. The Lion Cloud intelligent linking system, for the first time, uses the leading AI black technology in the industry. The AI human face recognition technology can recognize human face so as to verify each control directive in the safe and rapid way. By integrating with the powerful background databank on the cloud end, it can use mobile phone to remote control the doors, AC, sunroof and trunk. The AI Cloud Butler not only provides the real-time online automobile life with high-speed 4G Internet, but also proactive vehicle-use life service, so as to meet the various demands of users.

High performance. Arrizo GX is equipped with 1.5T + 9CVT efficient power assembly, which has 37.1% engine heat efficiency and whose fuel consumption is as low as 6.4L per 100km. At the same time, it has 9CVT SPORT model so that Arrizo GX boasts the excellent explosive force and sport performance. It needs only four seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60km/h, and only nine seconds to accelerate to 100km/h.

Arrizo EX: As the classic vehicle for Chinese people, Arrizo5 is upgraded

As the updated version of Arrizo5, Arrizo EX mainly targets at A sedan market, in particular young users. In addition to the super-large comfortable space, the wonderful control and safety of Arrizo5, the new model also has 29 technologies upgraded in seven modules. It is featured by more fascinating appearance, better intelligence and quality.

Chery Vice President and General Manager, Marketing Mr. Jia Yaquan was speaking

According to Mr. Jia Yaquan, Chery Vice President and GM of Chery Marketing, Arrizo5 made the miracle among China’s sedan brands which sold 350,000 units in just two years. We hope the sales of Arrizo EX can exceed those of Arrizo5 and make the new record.  

Arrizo EX

More attractive appearance. In appearance, Arrizo EX has inherited Arrizo5’s design concept of sport aesthetics. The horizontal extension design presents the wider body and lower center of gravity. Together with the 17-inch super-large wheel hub, these elements make the model look more sporty and stylish. In terms of trimmings, Arrizo EX has made holistic reforms. It has carried on the high-tech cabin style of Arrizo GX. The three-screen layout, the asymmetrical Future Wing suspended meters board, the aurora string through the AC outlet can bring the digital information display with extreme sense of high-tech to the driver and passengers, thus creating the intelligent, comfortable and tranquil environment of driving and taking.

High-tech intelligent cabin and super-large space in Arrizo EX

Greater intelligence: Arrizo EX is equipped with the latest Lion Cloud system of Chery, becoming the third model that carries this system after TIGGO8 and Arrizo GX. The Lion Cloud intelligent linking system provides two major functions, namely, AI Cloud Butler and AI enhance natural audio interaction, which holistically improve the product intelligence.

Besides, Arrizo EX is equipped the dynamic reverse image system. All versions of the model is equipped with ESP of Bosch and other people-oriented intelligent aiding equipment, bringing more intelligent and safer driving experience to users.

Arrizo EX Lion Cloud intelligent linking system

Better quality: As the updated version of Arrizo5, Arrizo Ex perfectly inherits and enhances the excellent-quality gene of Arrizo5, which reaches the five-star safety standard in the new-version C-NCAP collision test with 56.24, taking the leading position among A sedans of China brands. At the same time, the 3misIPTV of Arrizo5 is only 20, which is better than the industry average and than the average of mainstream JV brands. Thanks to the wonderful product quality, Arrizo5 enjoys best reputation among its 350,000 global users.

Based on the powerful product force and market reputation of Arrizo5, and the updated product design, intelligence and quality, it is believed that Arrizo Ex will definitely bring global consumers better product experience and life experience.

Chery Chairman Yin Tongyue also said that, as the new round of technological and industrial reform arrives, the automobile industry is embracing the challenges and opportunities only seen once a century. No matter what changes will occur to the market, Chery will never change its service principle “centered on clients”. To meet global consumers’ demands for beautiful life, Chery will never undermine its confidence and conviction to provide the best products and services.

VIP participants in the press conference

It is believed that, as Arrizo GX&EX are launched in the market, they will considerably improve Chery’s competitiveness in sedan market. Arrizo GX&EX will meet with the overseas users, at that time, I hope you don’t miss the new product of chery.