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13 Oct2018
Top Skill & Beyond Satisfaction——Chery about to Kick off 2018 the 3rd Global After-sales Skill Contest

October is the month of harvest featuring wonderful weather, when the 2018 the 3rd Chery Global After-sales Skill Contest & the 13th Chery Domestic After-sales Skill Contest are going on. Nearly 100 contestants have excelled in their regions, who will compete in the final contests in Dongguan in Guangdong Province of China on October 16, 2018.

Themed on Top Skill & Beyond Satisfaction, the contests also represent the extension of Chery’s service brand “Pleasant Experience of Speed”. As the most powerful service contests of Chery in the world, it will see 46 contestants in Chery’s international teams, who come from nine countries such as Russia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Egypt and Peru. They excelled in their respective regions in the few months. We can imagine the final contest will witness the fierce competition of best skills and most considerate service.

(Bulletins of some contestants)

Theory guides practice, which tests the theory. The contest includes two parts, theory test and practice evaluation. The theory test contains eight aspects, e.g., basic repair diagnosis, FAQ for warranty, installation and uninstallation process and use of special tools. The practice evaluation simulates the real-life service environment, covering the quasi-service work flow, service reception, handling of complaints, sales skills and vehicle troubleshooting and disposal, etc. The contest functions as the practice, which helps build the skills of contestants and service consultants and tests their genuine competency. The contest has arranged the competition between the Chinese champion and foreign champion, which will attract greatest attention.

Individual is only part of the team. Honor of the team lifts the honor of individuals to a new level. In addition to the individual competition, the contest also has the group competition. In particular, the group Q&A competition not only includes the business knowledge and corporate culture, but also the world news (culture and entertainment) and Chinese culture. The contestants, when answering questions of all kinds, will present a very funny scene.

When the China Final of the 2018 the 3rd Chery Global After-sales Skill Contest is about to come, we cannot wait to see who will be the champion, wondering if there is any dark horse outperforming others in the contest.