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17 Oct2018
Former BMW designer Kevin Rice joins Chery

Kevin Rice, a world-renowned automotive designer previously working at BMW, has recently confirmed that he would join Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. as Vice President and Global Chief of Car Design on October 1, 2018. He will be responsible for global passenger vehicle design at Chery.

Kevin Rice, a world-renowned automotive designer, graduated with a degree in industrial design and transport from Coventry University, UK in 1986, studied at the Royal College of Art, London under sponsorship, and worked at Italy's and Italdesign, as well as automotive companies like Opel, Saab, Ford, BMW and Mazda. He also worked as a freelance designer in Japan for a period of time.

At BMW, Kevin Rice was responsible for the exterior design of BMW 1 series, BMW 3 series (2011), BMW 4 series (2013), 3GT (2013) and other cars. At Mazda, he played an important role in establishing the design concept of "harmonious comparison" which inspired the design of all Mazda cars from 1999 to 2005. As European Design Director of Mazda, he joined Mazda's global design team for MX5, CX3, Koeru, RX Vision and MX5-RF. At La 33e édition du Salon International de l'Automobile in early 2018, he and his team received the award for "Best Concept Car of the Year".

Currently Chery is implementing internationalization strategy in an accelerated way, has entered the stage of global operation and established an R&D center in North America, and is constructing its European R&D center. Manufacturing products meeting higher global market standards and adaptive needs of various markets is an inevitable requirement, thus it is important to conduct overall planning of global product design and development. With a unique concept and perspective of global automotive design, as well as rich experience and professional capability of automotive product design and development, Kevin Rice will further improve Chery's capability of global product design and development, to help Chery develop global markets including developed European and American countries, and speed up the internationalization of Chery.

It is one of the most exciting moments in the history of automotive design, and China has incredible energy and ambition to drive it, said Kevin Rice. As the world is changing with each passing day, the best designers need to keep pace with the times, try and predict future design. Chery's current layout and plan can give free rein to designers' innovative ability, which is why he joined Chery's styling team excitedly. "I will create innovative ideas and more beautiful cars which people will be eager and proud to have. I look forward to seeing these future cars of Chery on roads!"