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21 Oct2018
Chery Concluded the Final of 2018 the 3rd Global After-Sales Service Contest and the 13th Domestic After-sales Service Competition

October 17 saw the final of 2018 the 3rd Chery Global Global After-Sales Service Contest and the 13th Domestic After-sales Service Competition, which is themed on “top skills & beyond satisfaction”. After more than one month of arduous efforts, the finalists competed for the championship.  

Quarter Final

The Quarter Final mainly evaluated the standard service work flow in Chery service system, which consists of “building relations, appointment, reception, document preparation, maintenance, quality inspection, testing, and settlement”. In practice, it appraised the professional reception and considerate service of consultants. The contestants showed their strong competency by providing reception service in the best state.

The Quarter Final included the International Quarter Final and Domestic Quarter Final. The teams competing in the International Quarter Final have the performance and craftsmanship of Chery in their professional ability and performance. The high-standard requirements ensure Chery Automobile has the global vision, dedicated to improving the global after-sales system. Both the Chinese and international employees of Chery maintain their craftsmanship.  

Quick response in the International Quarter Final

The movements of maintenance technicians in a Chery international team were really skillful. They cooperated with each in the best approach, bringing professional and standard service to global vehicle owners.

International maintenance technician in Quarter Final

Contestants in Domestic Quarter Final were also competing in the repair workshop for the championship. Contestants in both International and Domestic Quarter Finals showed the very capable skills and services, which embodied that international strategy of Chery is going deeper.

Quick response in Domestic Quarter Final

Chinese consultant in speaking competition in Quarter Final

Chinese maintenance technician in Quarter Final

The Friendship Competition between Domestic & International Contestants for Maintenance Skills and Services

It is worth noting that Chery also organized the friendship competition between the domestic and international contestants, who showed various skills to solve difficult problems. They made troubleshooting by listening to the sound and observing the colors. These skills cannot be obtained without decades of dedication. The Chinese and international maintenance technicians, by making the best performance, reveal the global technical strength of Chery after-sales service.

Domestic and international friendship competition

The one-day Final ended up with the selection of top 3 winners. The awarding dinner was kicked off in the evening.

The winners revealed in the awarding dinner

When the dusk came, Chery held the Awarding Ceremony & dinner for the competition, marking the brand concluded the 2018 the 3rd Global After-Sales Service Contest and the 13th Domestic After-sales Service Competition. Top executives of Chery Automobile granted prizes to the winning contestants and commented on their wonderful performance. Their cups carry the smiles of each service consultant and most considerate service of every maintenance technician. All Chery’s after-sales service staff were deeply moved.

Top 3 winners of international service consultants

Top 3 winners of international maintenance technicians

Champion of international team

After rounds of warm applause, the awarding dinner started Part III Performance. The performances featuring Chinese culture pleased the global service elites.  

The Chinese and international contestants were singing You & Me

Change Face performance

Chery Automobile serves you with heart and soul

All contestants showed their best skills and services, trying to win the championship. The competition not only upgraded the skills of Chery staff, but also improved holistic service level of the brand, thus bring better service to users.  2018 the 3rd Global After-Sales Service Contest and the 13th Domestic After-sales Service Competition, themed on “top skills & beyond satisfaction”, have come to the end.