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01 Nov2018
Witness quality of Chery Chery First Fan Festival was wrapped up

On October 29, Chery First Fan Festival ended with a visit to Chery in Wuhu. After visiting Chery's plant and test center, and experiencing its new models, Chery's global owners acquired deeper knowledge of Chery's solid technology, outstanding quality and advanced process, and felt its superior products at close range.

Perfection from styling to manufacturing

Engines are "hearts" of cars. On the morning of October 29, Chery's global owners first visited Chery's No. 2 engine plant. They viewed the engines and production processes independently built by Chery. Accompanied by a professional engineer, they reviewed the use of Chery engines on Chery cars. As a loyal Chery owner, Assem from Iraq expressed his deep feelings. From A1, A3 to Tiggo, he witnessed the development of Chery engines. As a renowned international auto brand, Chery has persistently conducted independent R&D. With thermal efficiency of over 37.1 percent, Chery's third-generation engines represented by 1.6TGDI can rival European and American luxury brands in fuel economy and power. Chery 3.0 cars powered by such engines are well worth expectation.

(A visit to Chery's No. 2 engine plant)

Then the overseas owners visited Chery's welding shop, assembly shop and collision & NVH laboratory. Chery's welding shop featuring an "automatic flexible welding line" is highly automated and up to world leading standards; with an internationally advanced collision safety test system, Chery's collision laboratory meeting the requirements of C-NCAP, E-NCAP, as well as American standards and safety regulations, can simulate vehicle collisions under various conditions. To earn customer trust, you must respect customer needs. At Chery's styling center, the overseas owners learned out "H.D.S" and other design concepts. Chery invited them to evaluate models from exterior to interior, to solicit their opinions and advice, thereby building products better meeting needs of overseas consumers.


(A visit to Chery's laboratory)

Early experience of new models, recognition of Chery's strength

Offering customers the best riding and driving experiences is Chery's persistent pursuit. All new models of Chery, including Arrizo 6, Tiggo 8, Tiggo 4 and Arrizo 5, appeared at Chery Longshan Test Center. Arrizo 6 attracted special attention. "Arrizo 6 has a good CVT, fast acceleration response, trendy and dynamic appearance, as well as a high-end console. I look forward to the launch of it in my country," said a test driver. The overseas drivers highly praised the test drive. In the test drive, Chery's performance in control, space, noise reduction and acceleration was recognized by all.

The one-week journey to China covered three characteristic Chinese cities. We left heavy footprints in Shanghai's time-honored Town God's Temple, next to Suzhou's classical buildings and in Chery's plant in Wuhu; we came all the way here to experience the traditional culture and development speed of China. This is not only our destiny, but also a move of Chery to fulfill its vision of offering customers better experiences. The service concept of customer foremost, advanced manufacturing process, tremendous R&D strength and precise QA system also show an extraordinary Chery to the world.

Amid a burst of laughter, Chery First Fan Festival was wrapped up. A better "Chery" looks forward to meeting a better "You".