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09 Nov2018
Chery appears with "all-star" lineup at Sao Paulo International Motor Show

On November 7, 2018, Chery appeared with a number of new products at Sao Paulo International Motor Show. Carlos, Chairman of CAOA Group; Marcio Alfonso, CEO of CAOA Chery; He Xiaoqing, Vice President of Chery; Gao Xinhua, Vice President of Chery; Zhang Guibing, Vice President of Chery and other senior executives of Chery were present. In the presence of nearly 30 Brazilian mainstream auto media outlets, as well as hundreds of dealers and visitors, Chery's all-new 2.0 products: Arrizo 5, Tiggo 7, Tiggo 5X, Tiggo 8 and four new energy vehicles made their debut in Brazil.

Technology, quality and technology are individualized labels of Chery. Chery's booth design displayed solid technologies and an atmosphere of innovation. Its product matrix showed the public Chery's heavy technical accumulation and strong design capacity. "CAOA Chery has always upheld the concept of providing more advanced products to Brazilian consumers which will be amazed by the products and strength displayed by CAOA Chery," said Alfonso.

"All-star" lineup worth expectation

Chery came with an "all-star" lineup comprising Arrizo 5, Tiggo 5X, Tiggo 7, Tiggo 8 and four new energy vehicles, showing its sincerity and concentration. As a highlight of the show, Chery's new energy lineup drew wide attention. As the Chinese auto brand developing new energy vehicles earliest, Chery owns a world-recognized new energy vehicle and parts development system, and follows the trend of automotive development. Upon launch, its four new energy vehicles: eQ, eQ1, Arrizo 5e and Tiggo 2e achieved great success. Arrizo 5e has a maximum driving range of 400 kilometers. In the first half of 2018 alone, Chery's new energy vehicle sales were up 250 percent year on year, showing that Chery's new energy vehicles enjoy great popularity.

As Chery's main forces in the global market, Arrizo 5, Tiggo 5X and Tiggo 7 have been favored and recognized by global consumers for their outstanding quality. Remarkably, Tiggo 5X and Tiggo 7, both based on Chery's internationalized T1X platform, inherit the design style of Concept βcars and the design concept of "Life in motion", have been tested by the market in safety, power and comfort, and won a number of honors including "C-NCAP Five-star Rating" and "Best Large SUV of the Year". It is worth expectation that Chery Arrizo 5, Tiggo 5X and Tiggo 7 will be launched for sale in November, December and January 2019 respectively.

Sincere cooperation, further step forward

Since Chery and CAOA joined hands and announced all-round cooperation in R&D, manufacturing, sales and other fields on November 11, 2017, the two sides have made a lot of attempts in such aspects as brand promotion, digital marketing and network construction, and achieved significant results. On March 28, 2018, CAOA Chery launched its new product-Tiggo 2. As the first product launched since the two sides joined hands, Tiggo 2 preformed strongly in the market, with its sales growing steadily. The steady rise in Chery's sales and market share since August has also been attributable to its continuous investment in overseas operations and management innovation. Carlos fully recognized the cooperation and had full confidence in the future development of CAOA Chery in Brazil.

Sao Paulo International Motor Show provided a platform for CAOA Chery to showcase its outcomes. "Thanks to the joint venture established with CAOA, Chery has achieved outstanding results in Brazil, established new brand image, new network standards and new service standards, and achieved record sales and market share in the past year," said He, adding that Chery will establish all-round and longstanding strategic cooperation with CAOA, and introduce more high-end and intelligent products, to enhance CAOA Chery's competitiveness in Brazil."

Chery launched three new SUVs and cars on the occasion of CAOA's first anniversary. It was the first time that Chery had launched so many new products in a single overseas market within such a short time. And the launch of all new energy models at Sao Paulo International Motor Show shows Chery's love for Brazil and its devotion to Brazilian consumers.

"CAOA Chery is the fastest-growing automotive company in Brazil in 2018, but it is just a beginning to us," said Zhang, adding, "Chery will have a better future in Brazil."