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21 Nov2018
Company is the longest love confession Baghdad Auto Show and Chery TIGGO 7 & 8 Launch Ceremony

Baghdad Auto Show opened in the mid to late November. Chery appeared with a strong lineup and launched two new models: TIGGO 7 and TIGGO 8. At the launch ceremony, Liu Haizhou and Zhang Yi from Chery International Middle East; Ihsan, President of Chery International Middle East (Chery's Iraqi distributor), Iraqi mainstream media and members of Chery Club witnessed the glorious moment of TIGGO 7 and TIGGO 8.

At the ceremony, Chery's representative fully recognized Chery's results in Iraq in recent years. He noted that the results have been inseparable from local consumers' trust in Chery's brands and products, as well as the efforts of Chery's partner Al Sadeq Group. Iraq has always been Chery's key overseas market. Currently Chery has nearly 80,000 vehicles owned in Iraq. As Chery's two new SUV models, TIGGO 7 and TIGGO 8 will make Iraqi consumers experience the outstanding quality and technology charm of Chery products. In his address, Ihsan said that as representatives of Chery's 2.0 products, TIGGO 7 and TIGGO 8 are two internationalized SUV models which integrate Chery's new manufacturing process and concept, feature superb performance and configuration, and are perfect presentations of safety, comfort and AI technology.

Though Iraq has long suffered the war, terrorist attacks and political unrest, Chery has been there with the Iraqi people. As the largest Chinese auto brand in Iraq, with the constant implementation of Chery International's Iraqi market management intervention strategy, Chery has resolved to build a reliable, responsible and respectable international auto brand in Iraq. The launch of TIGGO 7 and TIGGO 8 shows Chery's determination to deepen its operations in Iraq. It is believed that Chery would scale new heights in Iraq with the distribution and sales boom of its new-generation products: TIGGO 7 and TIGGO 8.