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22 Nov2018
Carry on, Move Forward----The 6th Chery Latin America Marketing Forum wrapped up in Ecuador

On November 16, 2018, the 6th Chery Latin America Marketing Forum inheriting the spirit of "Carry on, Move forward" was wrapped up in Ecuador. With the theme "New Challenge, New Idea", for the purpose of building consensus, renovating ideas and achieving new breakthrough, the forum brought together the distributors from 8 Central and South American markets including Chile, Peru and Argentina, as well as more than 40 representatives from different markets, for a heated discussion on products, networks and digital marketing.

Under Chery's international strategy of "going out and up", the forum is particularly significant. It is a discussion building consensus and achieving breakthrough. Zhang Guibing, President Assistant of Chery indicated the direction at the forum: the international market is a broad market fundamentally different from single markets, efforts should be made to pool the strength of the market, the distributor and Chery, and Chery must keep achieving breakthrough in brand, products and marketing in order to achieve its goals.

(Highlights of test driving)

According to Zhang Shengshan, General Manager of Chery International Central and South America, in the coming two or three years, 2.0 products represented by Arrizo and Tiggo is fundamental to the vitality of Chery. How to make distributors and overseas consumers know and recognize Chery's 2.0 products, and how to sell 2.0 products well and enhance Chery's brand reputation through 2.0 products are important topics of the forum. To make dealers keenly feel the changes of Chery products, Chery took test driving as the "first session" of the forum. On the tracks with different conditions, Tiggo 4, Arrizo 6 and other new models competed with vehicles of other brands. Through the comparative test driving, the dealers felt that Chery products are superior to competing products, which boosted the confidence of the distributors and dealers.

(Highlights of a panel discussion)

Then the attendees had a heated discussion on Chery's product plan and layout in Latin America for the coming five years, and reached strategic consensus on the market orientation, network management and digital marketing of Arrizo and Tiggo. In recent years, digital marketing has become an irresistible trend. Adding the topic of digital marketing under the guidance of Wang Jun, Market Director of Chery International shows that Chery has pursued perfect service and advanced the times.

(A group photo before Quinorte, a new Chery network in Ecuador)

"The importance of Latin America is far beyond sales." Just as Zhang said, the forum has become an annual exchange event for Chery. The attendees shared the same goal, aired their opinions freely and pulled together to seek common development, which boosted the dealers' confidence! In the future, Chery will embrace the world in a more open manner and build more influential brand events, to go further in the global market!

As a Chinese proverb goes, "If you want to go fast, walk alone; and if you want to go far, walk together", to go further, Chery must stay true to its mission and consolidate its consolidation.