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23 Nov2018
Chery Held 2nd Fans Auto Show

In the middle and latter part of November, the Baghdad International Auto Show was held in Iraq, which saw the presence of TIGGO7 and TIGGO8 of Chery, marking Chery has initiated its new journey in the country. At the same time, Chery also held the 2nd Fans Auto Show in Iraq, which was attended by more than 80 owners of Chery vehicle and a few media.

At the meeting with Chery fans, the participants talked with each other like old friends, creating the warm atmosphere. Chery staff introduced the history and latest news of the manufacturer, the high-tech configurations in the new models and AI application in these models. The fans were amazed by the latest technologies of Chery models, who didn’t spare their praises at all. Assim, the director of Chery Owners Club in Iraq, visited China for the first time to attend the 1st Global Fans Ceremony of Chery. At the meeting, he shared his stories in the first visit to China and told about the great results and progress made by the brand.

Interestingly, on the way towards the Auto Show, dozens of Chery vehicles drove on the highway and sounded the horns, producing the most magnificent scene. At the Auto Show, the fans experienced the charm of TIGGO7 and TIGGO8 as well as their technological performance. They were amazed by the stylish appearance and high-performance configurations of the models, expressing their intention to change vehicles. Some fans even made selfie photos in front of the new Chery models, creating pleasant mood on Chery stand.


Though its showered on the Auto Show, Chery fans showed great passion. One fan said in excitement, “This is the first time for me to attend the Owners Club activity. I made many new friends there and sensed Chery’s dedication. We talked about life and vehicles. It was really pleasant.”

For years, Chery has kept implementing the philosophy of User Priority, organizing many activities for overseas consumers. In Iraq, Chery pays close attention to the experience of using vehicles. Today, the Chery Fan Auto Show has become a platform for fans to make communications with each other, thus enhancing their cohesion, building and upgrading Chery’s brand image and influence.

“Heartfelt communications last long”. Standing together with Iraqi people, Chery shows its greatest sincerity and works hard to provide better products and services to users.