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01 Dec2018
Chery goes with China-Argentina friendship

In spite of vast distance and difference, China and Argentina are like "neighbors". International political situation has been changeable over the years, but China-Argentina relations have been everlasting.

There are a group of enterprisesupholding the vision of providing the best products and services to consumers. They have grown steadily and witnessed China-Argentina friendship. Chery is among them. Known as a "Chinese independent automobile brand" and a Chinese leading vehicle exporter, Chery initiated its overseas operations in 2011 and forged into Argentina in 2008. After more than 10 years of refined operations, Chery's products and services have been recognized by Argentineconsumers, with its brand influence growing with each passing day.

(Launch of Tiggo 2 in Argentina/A highlight of Copa Argentina)

Among Chery's consumers there are some special ones. They are envoys of China-Argentina friendship: staff of the Argentine Embassy in China,they love chery.

Marcelo Podesta, Secretary of the Argentine Embassy in China: Chery Tiggo 8 has extraordinary comfort andmaneuverability, when being asked the feeling of driving it, I always said, "Very good, you must buy it."

Daniel Lopez, Sergeant Major at the Argentine Embassy in China: Chery's outstanding performance, maneuverabilityand comfort are incredible, I am very happy to have such a great SUV, and I would like to express special thanks to Chery's staff for always being with us.

Having served in the army for tens of years, they are critical of vehicle quality. After finding out the situation of auto brands, they resolutely chose Chery. This is the power of a brand and the best proof for product force. Currently the embassy has 5 Chery vehicles, including Tiggo 7 and Tiggo 8, and Chery has more than 40,000 units possessed in Argentina. We can say proudly that Chery is going with China-Argentina friendship.

With the holding of the G20 Summit and the deepening of China-Argentina cooperation in a wide range of fields, China-Argentina relations will reach a new level. New Chery is poised to develop more steadily on the way of China-Argentina friendship.