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04 Dec2018
Ruthless floods, loving Chery -Chery's care campaign for disaster-hit Kuwaiti customers

Budastoor, Chery's distributor in its second overseas market-Kuwait, has developed with Chery for 15 years, thus becoming the most loyal partner of Chery. Budastoor has only acted as the agent for only one passenger vehicle brand-Chery, showing its high loyalty to Chery. And the two sides have organized many philanthropic activities repaying local consumers in Kuwait. In November 2018, rare torrential rains hit Kuwait, caused severe floods, paralyzed some areas and badly affected locals.

The floods in Kuwait drew close attention from Chery International. As a responsible international brand, Chery organized a special customer care campaign themed "Chery Always with You" in collaboration with Budastoor at the earliest possible time. The 15-day campaign starting from November 16, 2018 covered free vehicle safety check and a 50% discount for flood-hit vehicle service hours + spare parts.

To enhance the effects of the campaign and make more flood-hit consumers feel the care of Chery, Budastoor invited online celebrity Aboodka for live video streaming, and promoted the campaign through Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsAPP and other social media, sent thousands of text messages to Chery's owners and potential customers in the day before the campaign, and pushed information twice a week. Consumers took active part in the campaign. In the first day of the campaign alone, 23 vehicles moved in for checks and the service outlets operated at full load. Due to Budastoor's full preparations, entering vehicles were well organized. This earned unanimous praise from customers and further enhanced Chery's brand image and reputation.

At the call of corporate leaders, Chery International has implemented the after-sales service strategy of "going out and up", gone into markets and up to customers, comprehensively enhanced customer satisfaction, provided resident after-sales support in key overseas markets, extended its service operations to their neighboring markets, and established a mechanism of fast response to market needs with Chery's international headquarters as the center. Currently it is promoting its VI/SI and conducting CSI surveys worldwide, improving its weaknesses based on customers' concerns, and making intense preparation for the Kuwaiti market. The customer care campaign will boost Chery's brand popularity and reputation in Kuwait, and shore up the foundation for its future market development.