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18 Dec2018
Chery wins in CCPC Yakeshi at 30 degrees below zero

On December 10, the last leg of 2018 China Car Performance Challenge (CCPC) was wrapped up in Yakeshi, Inner Mongolia, China. At a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius below zero, Chery's Tiggo 5x 1.5T and Arrizo 5 1.5T soared to claim the 0-50m ice starting acceleration titles in respective categories.

Chery's Tiggo 5x 1.5T and Arrizo 5 1.5T claim the 0-50m ice starting acceleration titles in respective categories

Known as the "car Olympics", CCPC is a national A-class race designated by the General Administration of Sport of China, as well as China's only national race involving unmodified mass-manufactured cars. With high technology content, it fully tests car performance, presents the most authentic and comprehensive car data, and provides important basis for consumers' future purchase decision making. CCPC 2018 took place in Yancheng, Kunming and Yakeshi.

In the first leg: Yancheng, through tremendous comprehensive strength and outstanding performance, Chery's Tiggo 5x and Arrizo 5 carried off 1 SUV grand title, 4 SUV individual titles and 3 car individual titles, showing their supremacy in CCPC.


Chery claims 8 titles in the Yancheng leg

Tiggo 5x 1.5T and Arrizo 5 1.5T in the Yancheng leg

In the second leg: Jialize, Songming, Kunming, Arrizo 5 1.5T soared to garner two titles: "Long-distance Energy Conservation Challenge under Comprehensive Conditions" and "0-100km/h Acceleration".


Arrizo 5 1.5T in the Kunming leg

As the finale of CCPC, the Yakeshi leg features the most difficult track, a severe temperature of 30 degrees Celsius below zero and ultra low friction force. The leg tested vehicle performance in extreme cold, such as acceleration, braking, maneuverability and stability, system performance and comprehensive performance. Only the best vehicles could stand out.


Tiggo 5x 1.5T and Arrizo 5 1.5T in the Yakeshi leg

Yakeshi with harsh climate and road conditions created a superb stage for Tiggo 5x 1.5T powered by 1.5T and 6DCT prime engines. With a maximum power of 108kW, its peak torque can be up to 210N•m at 1,750 revolutions per minute and it takes only 9.7s to accelerate from 0 km/h to 100 km/h. Based on the T1X chassis tuning platform, Tiggo 5x 1.5T features front MacPherson + rear multi-link independent suspension which makes it maneuverable and steering-sensitive, and provides better lateral bracing to boost its body and control stability. In the compact turbocharged family SUV-AT category, Tiggo 5x 1.5T overwhelmed its opponents through its tremendous explosive force, to pocket the 0-50m ice starting title.


Tiggo 5x 1.5T in the Yakeshi leg

Arrizo 5 1.5T which has achieved a C-NCAP five-star safety rating also performed amazingly in the competition. In the compact turbocharged car category, it ran speedily and smoothly on the snow & ice-covered track, became a focus of attention, and pocketed the 0-50m ice starting title with a time of 14.82s, showing its overwhelming strength on the highland. With a maximum power of 108kW, Arrizo 5 1.5T combining elegant appearance with tremendous strength has a peak torque of 210N•m within a range of 1,750r/m-4,000r/m. The new integrated power system using an integrated inlet manifold and an inter-cooling exhaust manifold improves acceleration response by 35 percent. Arrizo 5 1.5T is dynamic and fuel economical, with per 100km fuel consumption of only 5.9L. Bosch ESP 9.0 boosts the driving stability and comfort of Arrizo 5 1.5T.

Arrizo 5 1.5T in the Yakeshi leg

In the extreme cold of the Yakeshi leg, Tiggo 5x 1.5T and Arrizo 5 1.5T showed their strong capabilities with two titles, putting a good end to Chery's journey of CCPC 2018. The national mass-manufactured car race proved the tremendous product strength of Chery once again.