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26 Dec2018
Chery 1.6TGDI Engine is Coming

Recently, in Chery's new factory building, a group of Chery people are busy at their respective posts, and brand-new 1.6TGDI engines come off the production line one by one, marking that Chery 1.6TGDI engines are put into production officially.

1.6TGDI engines are put into production officially

As the first product of Chery's generation III engine family, 1.6TGDI is the Chery's key research and development project this year, representing the leading R&D capability of Chinese domestic engines; developed based on Chery "V" shape forward engineering system, it is also a powertrain product that meets the China VI emission standard. It is a product of our 20-year efforts in engine research and development, and integrates such advanced technologies as iHEC combustion system, rapid-heating thermal management system, rapid-response supercharging technology and module design. Featured by large torque, low fuel consumption, low emission and low noise, the maximum power output of 197HP, and the peak output power torque of 290N.m, it keeps in pace with the 3.0L six-cylinder naturally-aspirated engine.

Leading R & D capability among domestic engines

From the launch of 1.6TGDI basic version in October 2007, to the successful ignition in September 2010, then to the launch of upgraded version October 2015, and finally to the mass production in November 2018, this process is not only a technical upgrade, but also a representation of Chery people’s adherence to engine quality and the company’s service strategy.

After ten years R&D, finally the engine is launched today

To ensure the smooth SOP of the 1.6TGDI engine, all departments, including quality, production, planning, procurement, logistics and so on, worked jointly on this project, striving to make technical breakthroughs, planning quality activities, organizing multiple rounds of equipment, tooling, process and logistics verification, formulating problem rectification plans, holding production evening meetings, and repeatedly verifying each problem at the production site until the product requirements and process standards are met to ensure production consistency.

Joint efforts and complete cooperation

In terms of reliability and quality, the generation III engine developed based on the forward engineering platform system platform, striving for reaching 3.0 strategy in all respects and making perfection more perfect; with above 15,000 hours of bench test, it has passed various vehicle type approval tests under various simulation conditions. In addition, it adopts advanced technologies and has solved common quality problems in the industry; the company carried out verification tests on special problems such as engine oil dilution to avoid potential quality problems, and achieved leap-forward improvement in product reliability.

Above 15,000 hours of bench test

For a long time, Chery's powertrain has been widely trusted by Chinese and international users for its excellent driving performance and high reliability and has played an important role in upgrading Chery brand. 1.6TGDI is the first product of Chery's 3.0 engine family. Its mass production is just a preface. The 1.2TGDI, 1.5TGDI and 2.0TGDI planned for TGDI family are now under development, which will provide a strong power guarantee for our future vehicle models.

Smart manufacturing and uncommon power heart

Adhering to the principles of pragmatic and enterprising spirit, original intention of serving people, continuous innovation, Chery's powertrain R&D team always takes user demand as the starting point and is determined to make progress, insisting on the belief in core technology and product quality to provide customers with efficient, stable and reliable powertrain products.