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12 Jan2019
The First Chery Shop Opened in Jidda of Saudi Arabia

On January 8, 2019, the first Chery shop was opened in Jidda, the second largest city in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Zhang Guibing of Chery International, top executives of AL YEMNI, dozens of mainstream media, dealers and loyal users of the brand attended the opening ceremony, who witnessed the important moment of the brand in Saudi Arabia market. The operation of the new shop marked Chery entered the new stage of development in local market.

(Mr. Zhang Guibing cut ribbon for the new shop)

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Zhang Guibing said Saudi Arabia and China have long-term relations. Since the old times, the Silk Road has connected the two peoples. As the representative of Chinese enterprises, Chery has become the bond and bridge for communications between the Chinese and Saudi Arabian people. “Chery has profound foundation and leading technology while AL YEMNI Group has strong capacity in management, team and sales, etc. We are confident that, as our partnership deepens, Chery will secure better performance and development in Saudi Arabia”. After the opening ceremony, local mainstream media interviewed Mr. Zhang Guibing in the easy-going atmosphere. The media expressed the country’s attention to and expectations for Chery.

(Appearance of Chery shop in Jidda of Saudi Arabia)

Chery’s new shop in Jidda uses the all-new VI standard of the brand, which is updated in hardware quality while showcasing the service level of international standard and brand affinity. The plain but stylish display hall echoes perfectly with the fashionable products of Chery, highlighting its young and high-tech brand image. The all-new Chery shop marks its determination to explore the Saudi Arabia market, and reveals Chery has stepped onto the international track to provide premium products and service for global users.

Nowadays, we are seeing fiercer competition in the auto market. Year 2019 is crucial for Chery that is transitioning from high-speed growth to high-quality development. For the 7.2 million Chery vehicle owners, the brand is led by innovations to provide diverse product needs for users. At the same time, in terms of channel building, Chery completely upgrades service quality and operation thinking so as to enhance service experience and satisfaction management, thus laying the solid foundation for its step forward.

(In front of TIGGO8 and ARRIZO6)

TIGGO2 is also launched in Saudi Arabia when Chery new shop is opened. As the representative of Chery 2.0 product, TIGGO2 has become the major force for Chery to make presence in the overseas market. Thanks to its stylish and young design, rich configurations, the most interesting interactions, and advantages in safety, environmental protection and high techs, the brand has become the priority choice of young global users. ARRIZO 6 and TIGGO8, equipped with the all-new and high-performance turbo-charged engine and  9-speed CVT of Chery make debut in Saudi Arabia. Introduced by professional in Chery, the design philosophy and configurations of the two models gained great praise. And they will soon be launched in the local market.


With all-new display hall and products, Chery will kick off an all-new journey in Saudi Arabia.