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18 Jan2019
Chery hosts family party for 7.2 million owners worldwide

On January 12, Chery hosted hundreds of family party in more than 160 cities worldwide, with the participation of more than 100,000 owners. They shared the gains of Chery over the year and looked into the future of Chery.

Chery's senior executives toast to welcome old friends back

At the family party, Yin Tongyue, Chairman of Chery said, "Chery started in Wuhu, China 22 years ago, endured all hardships and has gradually developed into an international brand with 7.2 million owners in more than 80 countries. Because of Chery, we have brought together 7.2 million people of different nationalities, with different skin colors and at different ages into a warm family! In the future, more people will join us in building a 'new Chery'!"

Yin Tongyue, Chairman of Chery

Kevin Rice, Vice President and Global Head of Design of Chery delivers a speech on Chery's global design

At the family party, Chery's six senior executives, including Yin Tongyue, Chairman of Chery; Zhang Guibing, Executive Vice General Manager of Chery International; and Kevin Rice, Vice President and Global Head of Design of Chery turned "chefs". They made six creative and meaningful dishes. Yin cooked a dish named "Leaping Fish" signifying that Chery will conduct all-round operations in its five business sectors: traditional vehicles, new energy vehicles, ICV, mobility and globalization. Kevin presented a "Western-style steak" displaying Chery's global design style. Zhang who was in Egypt presented Egypt's characteristic dish-Egyptian grilled lamb chop signifying that Chery will deliver its best products to the world and deepen its overseas operations.

Zhang Guibing, Executive Vice General Manager of Chery International sends wishes for Chery's old friends in Egypt

Amid the slump of the automobile market in 2018, Chery achieved record sales and retained its status as China's largest passenger vehicle export for the 16th consecutive year with an export volume of nearly 127,000 units, up 18 percent year on year. In 2018, Chery vigorously developed overseas markets. With "product quality" as center, Chery kept enriching its product matrix and conducting innovative marketing, gaining wide praise from overseas media and consumers. Zhang said, "In 2018, Chery fully introduced its 2.0 products led by Tiggo 4 to overseas markets to further enhance its brand popularity. We established car clubs in Brazil, Russia, Chile, Egypt and other overseas markets, and organized Journey of FIFA World Cup Russia, Chery First Fan Festival and other global fan events. We hope that Chery cars will be popular with the whole world as Egyptian lamb chop is."


Chery owners send wishes from around the world

More warmly, during the family party, Chery owners sent the warmest and sincerest New Year wish-"Happy New Year" in less fluent Chinese through the video, arousing bursts of applause among the Chinese owners and media present. Through Chery's family party, a communication carrier for Chery owners, we shared the joy of harvest, stayed true to our mission and brought the brand image of "reliability, fashion and technology" deep into global owners' hearts.