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19 Feb2019
TIGGO7 Launched in Brazil, Perfect As Valentine’s Day Gift

On February 14, 2019, Chery launched its all-new SUV TIGGO7 in Sao Paulo. The launching ceremony was attended by CEO MARCIO ALFONSO of Chery’s partner CAOA, 50 representatives of Chery dealers in the country, and nearly 100 journalists of local mainstream media. February 14 was the Valentine’s Day and TIGGO7 was the Valentine’s Day gift prepared by Chery for Brazilian users.

“Quality, technology and design” is always the doctrine upheld by Chery in Brazil market. At the launching ceremony, the technology was deemed as the principal rhythm. The dark + silver white environmental decorations highlighted the high-tech and premium-quality characteristics of TIGGO7. Thanks to the explanations made by Chery staff, the participants had detailed knowledge about which inspired TIGGO7’s design and its performance, configurations and five-star safety, recognizing its super-high cost effectiveness. In the 100-people test drive/ride that happened two days later, TIGGO7 received great recognition from test drivers because of its nearly-perfect power, drive/control experience and smooth driving, etc.

As the classic product of Chery Auto 2.0 Era, TIGGO7 was known for its famous family origin. As the first model developed on T1X, the international platform of the brand, TIGGO has the 1.5T+6DCT power combination, the excellent transmission and engine calibration, the front Macphersan + rear four-rod four-wheel independent suspension structure, which make the driving more comfortable and interesting. Safety of TIGGO7 has been recognized. In the collision test organized by C-NCAP, TIGGO7 receives five-star evaluation. The integrated cage body, 6D longitudinal beam frame structure, six-airbag and other passive safety configurations; all products in the model are quipped with ESP, HHC and 360° all-time and panoramic video, which has the 39.70m super-short braking distance, thus holistically upgrading the safety of TIGGO7.

Both appearance and configurations are necessary to produce a best-selling model. TIGGO7 has the youthful and stylish appearance. TIGGO7 uses the latest Life in Motion design language of Chery, adopts the H.D.S. dynamic water-flow body structure, whose body lines present both rigid and gentle impression. The wave-breaking waistline runs through the entire body, producing the most dynamic visual effect.

Brazil is the largest auto market in Latin America and one of the most important auto markets in the world. It is also the integral part of Chery’s overseas development. CAOA is the largest auto dealer and manufacturer in Latin America. And Chery is the leader of China’s own auto brands. Both of the two partners are synonyms of high-end brand and quality service. Since entering Brazil market, Chery has been working hard in spite of all difficulties. On November 11, 2017, the partnership between Chery and CAOA entered the new stage. They established a joint team to cooperate on R&D, manufacturing, purchase, sales and service, etc., producing evident effects. In 2018, Chery made wonderful results, establishing the all-new brand image, network standard and service standard. Its sales and marketing network now covers the entire territory in Brazil. The clients obtain excellent driving/riding experience. Also in 2018, Chery made records high in both sales volume and market share. TIGGO7, which was newly launched in Brazil, is the fourth product launched in Chery within one year, after TIGGO2, ARRIZO5 and TIGGO5x. By launching all-new products in such short period, Chery is presenting the heartfelt love.

Do you have this Valentine’s Day gift from Chery?