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11 Mar2019
Chery Works with Aliexpress on New Retails

In the year beginning, good news came from Chery. Chery International, by utilizing e-commerce, again makes innovations and breakthroughs in the overseas sales model.  

On March 5, 2019, Chery started to make presence in Aliexpress, the cross-border e-commerce retail platform of Alibaba, and provide Russian users with all-new models including TIGGO3, TIGGO4, TIGGO5 and TIGGO7, as well as the other goods such as auto parts and decorations. By placing order easily on Aliexpress, Russian consumers make prepayment online and make the rest payments in the designated offline shop before obtaining the car. In this way, Russian consumers have the express and convenient car-buying experience.

In recent years, Chery has been working hard on overseas market, launching many all-new 2.0 models of the brand. Russia, as one of the most important overseas markets of Chery, has made exceptional performance. In 2018, Chery again won the title of Most Popular China’s Auto Brand in Russia, the third time for the brand to receive the honor, which greatly proves Chery’s influence and brand image in Russia. As the world-famous e-commerce platform, Aliexpress has become one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in Russia. The two partners are making the brand-new attempts to get into the on/offline auto retails. They are complementing each other’s advantages so as to create the all-new situation in the auto field. Within four days after Chery made presence on Aliexpress Russia, the visit quantity exceeded 10,000, proving Russian consumers recognize and prefer their partnership.

Nowadays, Chery has nearly 100 sales and service outlets in Europe and Far East territories of Russia. In the future, shops of Chery International will continue to support delivery, installation, repair and other services of auto and auto parts on Aliexpress. Consumers can enjoy the delivery service within the day. Russia is the first pilot-test region of Chery and Aliexpress. It is believed the success of the pilot test will help the two parties get into cooperation at the higher level and in larger scope.  

On March 28, 2019, TIGGO7, the flagship product of Chery 2.0, will be launched in Russia. As the first product built on T1X, the international platform of the brand, TIGGO7 has the efficient power combination. In the collision test organized by C-NCAP, TIGGO7 receives five-star evaluation. Its rich configurations have won the recognition and favor from the market and consumers. By that time, you don’t have to vist Chery shops. Instead, you just need to place an order in Aliexpress to purchase TIGGO7.