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20 Apr2019
Seek common development for the future--2019 Chery Global Business Conference achieves fruitful results

2019 Chery Global Business Conference took place in Ningbo, China from April 16 to 20, 2019, bringing together over 200 dealers from across the world and over 50 overseas media outlets to review the past and discuss how to achieve new success in changeable 2019. The conference achieved fruitful results: The dealers witnessed Chery's strength through test driving; witnessed the strength of China after during visiting Ningbo Port; joining hands with Xiaomi, iFlyTek and other renowned Chinese enterprises; and inviting Google, Alibaba and other world-renowned enterprises to share cases of digital marketing.

Tremendous strength of Ningbo Port

As the second stop of 2019 Chery Global Business Conference, on April 17, the dealers and overseas media visited the Ningbo International Shipping Service Center and were amazed by its huge shipping capacity after listening to an introduction to Ningbo Port and its daily operation. Then the dealers ascended to the viewing platform on the top (51st floor) of the center to have a panoramic view of Ningbo. After a one-hour ride, the dealers visited the terminal of Ningbo Zhoushan Port, to experience the charm of the port with an annual throughput of over 1 billion tons and the tremendous strength of China.

As is known to all, Ningbo Zhoushan Port is the eastern starting point of China's "Belt and Road" strategy, an important container oceangoing port in mainland China, as well as the world's largest port. Chery has exported products to over 80 countries and regions in the world, including 46 "Belt and Road" countries which contribute 80 percent of Chery's annual exports. The visit to Ningbo Port shows Chery's determination to go global and take root abroad, as well as "Chinese strength" supporting Chery.

Test driving boosts confidence

On April 18, Chery arranged a test drive. EXEED TXL, New Tiggo 8, New Tiggo 4, Arrizo 6 and other new products of Chery appeared on a professional track. Their linear acceleration and S-bend performance were brought into full play. More interestingly, Chery tailored an "8-shaped" all-terrain experience item for EXEED. The dealers all itched for a try to experience the charm of the "future cars". "I feel great after test driving so many new cars," said many dealers and journalists singing high praises of Chery's tremendous product strength. They said that this is a professional auto show and had full confidence in the future of Chery. "Hopefully there will be more new products of Chery on Chinese roads."

Strong combination, crossover cooperation

Based on its perfect overseas network and rich resources, Chery has built a strong international trade platform and become an export model for Chinese auto brands. On April 19, Chery organized a trade presentation for other Chinese brands, with the participation of renowned Chinese enterprises like iFlyTek, Xiaomi, AliExpress and Zoomlion. At the presentation, the participating enterprises unveiled their products and future pans to Chery's dealers, hoping to make their products known to more overseas consumers through Chery's international trade platform. The presentation was prolonged due to heated discussions and the dealers showed their strong willingness to cooperate with Chery.

Through its international trade platform, Chery is willing to share its platform advantage and rich resources with other enterprises. Hopefully more enterprises will join Chery in going global and achieving win-win.

Innovation is the inexhaustible power of corporate development and Chery's development has been inseparable from endless innovation. The 2019 chery global Business conference to be continued……