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22 Apr2019
Embrace Challenges to Create Better Results--Chery Concluded Its 2019 Annual Conference of Global Dealers

On April 20, Chery concluded its 2019 Annual Conference of Global Dealers after the seminar. The brand arranged many programs in the event, such as the visit to Auto Shanghai 2019, Ningbo Zhoushan Port, test driving/riding of new vehicles, theme meetings, product & digital marketing seminar, EXEED dealer-attracting roadshow and Ningbo tour, etc. The overseas dealers and journalists, who arrived on around April 14 and departed on April 20, have become more familiar with Chery and sensed its inner world while understanding China.

Embrace Challenges. 2018 international market was featured by volatility. The uncertain factors such as inflation and currency fluctuations slowed down the auto market. “Positive opportunities are there in emerging markets in 2019, such as Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. At the same time, international environment and trade conflicts pose greater challenges”. Against this background, the 2019 Chery Annual Conference of Global Dealers took Embrace Challenges as its theme, meaning Chery and its global dealers will jointly review the past, understand the current situation, work hand in hand and embrace challenges.

Feel the most dynamic power of Chery. On April 18, Chery arranged the most exciting test driving/riding activity, in which Chery ARRIZO6, EXEED TXL, TIGGO4 and other all-new products made presence. The straight acceleration and S-curve turns ensure these models show their best performance. Even more interestingly, Chery designed the 8-shaped all-terrain experience program for EXEED. The dealers of Chery were active to experience the charm of this “future model”. After the experience, many dealers said it was not only a professional test driving, but more of a wonderful Chery show. They hoped more new products of Chery can drive on the roads of their countries.

On April 19, the Theme Meeting was opened. Reviewing the past can help us better understand the present and walk further. Thanks to the continuous technical innovations, quality optimization, product iteration and marketing innovations, Chery realized growth in 2018 instead of the adverse market. For 16 years in a row. Chery ranked the largest exporter of passenger vehicles in China. Also in 2018, Chery 2.0 products, represented by TIGGO4, made debut in overseas markets. By organizing such events as Global Ceremony of Fans, FUN TO DRIVE for FIFA World Cup in Russia, Chery did quite well in sports marketing and digital marketing, thus considerably improving the brand force and influence. “Nevertheless, we have to improve one weak point”, said GM Zhang Guibing of Chery International Press Conference, We are confronted, in 2019 with many problems. We have to break the conventional notions and take greater development vision and actions, so as up improve product force and customer sensing. In this way, we can help Chery philosophy, namely,  concluding “reliability, fashion, science and technology”reach more people.

In 2019, let’s work hard together to achieve win-win situation. We will embrace challenges to create better results.