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25 Apr2019
Chery Kicked off the 4th Global Manufacturing Skills Competition

Days ago, Preliminary of the 4th Chery Global Manufacturing Skills Competition was kicked off in its production facilities across the world, which is themed on “craftsmanship inspiring souls & quality leading excellence”. Thanks to the high-quality competition experience accumulated in the previous three competitions, this year’s competition makes the record high in the scale. Till today, nearly 10,000 technicians from over 200 enterprises in six countries in the world have registered to attend the Preliminary.

With unprecedented size, the competition this year introduces post-market contest for the first time

After development in the past few years, Chery Global Manufacturing Skills Competition has been considerably upgraded in both scale and influence, which has become the event attracting great attention in the industry. The competition this year, for the first time, expands competitors to Chery suppliers, dealers and post market industry, and opens the contest of “quality test and evaluation”.

The 3rd Chery Global Manufacturing Skills Competition

Competitors this year include Chery production facilities in Wuhu, Dalian, Ordos and Henan, etc., and its overseas production facilities in Brazil, Egypt, Russia and Venezuela among others. The competitors come from Chery Automobile, Chery commercial vehicles, Chery new-energy vehicles, Chery Jaguar Land Rover, Qoros,some Chery suppliers, dealers and post-market industry.  

The competition this year organizes seven skill contents in six categories, namely, stamping, welding, coating, general assembly, engine, quality test and evaluation. It contains two parts, the Preliminary for factories and facilities and Global Final Competition. The competition period last in April and May.

According to the new changes, the Competition Regulations are compiled in accordance with the above-three-level skill requirements and relevant knowledge in Chinese Regulatory Standard of Vocational Skill Competitions. 150+ excellent competitors will be selected to compete in the Global Final Competition scheduled in Wuhu on May 25 and 28.

Foster the atmosphere of respecting skilled technicians to build leading brand with craftsmanship

The soul of quality lies in craftsmanship. As the Chinese leader of auto technological innovations, Chery has been working hard, in recent years, to push forward brand strategy featuring technology, quality and international development. These meticulous efforts, while upgrading the system capacity, will holistically upgrade quality and brand.

In recent years, Chery has established the matrix product development model featured by cooperation among product development management centers and technical centers, thus forming the V-shaped R&D system and procedure of vehicle development, which helps lay the solid foundation for developing high-quality products and establishing excellent brands. Besides, Chery has also established CPS, the Chery Production System applied worldwide, so as to guarantee global quality of Chery products.

Since its inception, Chery has kept making independent innovations. Gradually, it has established the complete technological and product R&D system, whose products are now sold to more than 80 countries and regions. In total, Chery has exported more than 1.5 million units, ranking No. 1 among the Chinese exporters of passenger vehicles for 16 years in a row. In Chile, Brazil and Russia, Chery has become the representative of high-end manufacturing brand in China and a biz card of Chinese brands in the world.

Awarding Ceremony of the 3rd Chery Global Manufacturing Skills Competition