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21 May2019
Chery honored as "Most Popular Chinese Auto Brand" in Russia once again

On May 16, at Russia Annual Automobile Award Ceremony 2019, Chery was honored as the "Most Popular Chinese Auto Brand" once again by overwhelming superiority. It is the most influential, authoritative and viewed automobile selection in Russia. Chery has won the title four times, showing its persistent efforts in developing the Russian market and improving products and services, as well as the ever-growing global influence of Chinese auto brands represented by Chery.

(Scene of Russia Annual Automobile Award Ceremony 2019)

Constant upgrading and innovation is the core competitiveness of Chery. On March 5, 2019, Chery launched its all-new 2.0 model Tiggo 7 in Russia. Upon its launch, Tiggo 7 was well received by Russian consumers for its outstanding maneuverability and cost performance. To offer Russian consumers a more convenient purchase experience, Chery forged a strategic partnership with Alibaba's cross-border e-commerce retail platform-"AliExpress" through which consumers can click to order and experience Chery's all-round services.

(Chery Russia's page on "AliExpress")

As Russia's largest automobile selection, Russia Annual Automobile Award Ceremony enjoys a great fame as Russia's automobile "Oscar". As "all consumers can vote", the selection reflects the truest experience and feelings of Russian consumers. Over 1,000,000 Russian consumers participated in the selection from January 1 to April 14, showing their brand recognition and preference in the fairest way. Chery's being honored as the "Most Popular Chinese Auto Brand" is not only the choice of consumers, but also an inevitable result of Chery's persistent efforts on product and service improvement.

Through strong product power and localization operations, Chery's has steadily enhanced its market status in Russia. Since 2008, Chery has constructed welding, coating and final assembly lines in Russia to accomplish full localized assembly. 90 percent of workers on the lines are locals and the degree of localization has been growing. With a solid consumer foundation in Russia, Chery has been deeply favored and trusted by Russian consumers. With the further development and innovation of Chery in Russia, it is believed that Chery will have a brighter future in Russia.