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24 May2019
Fight to be global skills kings! 4th Chery Global Manufacturing Skills Competition around corner

The final of the 4th Chery Global Manufacturing Skills Competition will soon take place in Wuhu, China from May 25 to 29, 2019, with the theme "Craftsmanship Builds Soul, Quality Leads to Excellence". 151 contestants of 15 teams from Chery's nine manufacturing bases in China including Wuhu, Dalian, Ordos and Henan, Chery's four overseas plants in Brazil, Egypt and Venezuela, as well as two joint ventures (Chery Jaguar Land Rover and Qoros) will compete in seven events of six categories in Wuhu, China from May 25 to 28.

The competition has seen three successful runs. As a manufacturing skills event, the competition this year will continue to uphold the vision of "building outstanding brands through craftsmanship", test the global manufacturing capacity of Chery, build a technical exchange platform and create an atmosphere of "learning technologies and competing in skills", thus promoting the standardization of Chery's global manufacturing skills and establishing the brand image of great Chery.

Since Chery's manufacturing plants worldwide started preliminaries featuring "extensive participation and competition-appraisal integration" on April 15, 151 domestic and foreign contestants have stood out after more than a month of intense competition. Through the theoretical tests and practical skills assessment in the final, they will compete for the first, second and third prizes for five processes (stamping, welding, coating, final assembly, engine) and vehicle quality inspection and evaluation, and contend for "Coating King", "Welding King", "Installation & Debugging King", "QI King" and other titles.

Compared with the previous three editions, the competition this year features a record scale, constants from five countries, as well as the debut of Chery's upstream and downstream suppliers and dealers, and Wuhan's automotive aftermarket players.

Vehicle quality inspection and evaluation has been upgraded to a competition event. It will further advance the global and integrated coverage and promotion of Chery's quality control system standards, ensure the synchronous quality upgrading of Chery's global products, and promote the implementation of Chery's internationalization strategy. 17 contestants from Chery's 7 plants across the world have qualified for the final to vie for the title of "QI King". They will interpret the quality concept of customer foremost and display Chery's quality connotation of persistent excellence.

For years Chery has cultivated one generation of "Coating King", "Welding King" and "Installation & Commissioning King" after another. They have worked in high spirits on respective posts, upheld the belief of accomplishing mission and become Chery's "pillars".

Overseas contestants in the 4th Chery Global Manufacturing Skills Competition  

Scenes in the 3rd Chery Global Manufacturing Skills Competition