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25 May2019
Chery Exhibited in the 1st Yangtze River Delta Integration Innovative Result Exhibition and the 9th China Wuhu Science Promotion Products Expo and Fair were opened

On May 23, the 1st Yangtze River Delta Integration Innovative Result Exhibition and the 9th China Wuhu Science Promotion Products Expo and Fair were opened in Wuhu International Convention & Exhibition Center. As one of the enterprises representing the host city, Chery Group brings 12 exhibits that are used on the ground, in the water and air. Together with the Space Station, Beidou Navigation System, Chang’e IV detector, they showcase the latest result of high-tech innovation and Yangtze River Delta region in China.

In Chery exhibition zone, you can see the conceptual vehicle full of futuristic sense, the fuel battery vehicle and ship with hydrogen as the fuel, and the aviation engine, which reflect the results of Chery technical innovations over the past two decades and more and reveal exploration of Chery for the future means of travel. 

Officials from three provinces and one municipality in the Yangtze River Delta are visiting Chery exhibition zone

The EIUV conceptual vehicle, which takes the central position in Chery’s exhibition zone, is a conceptual EV that combines pattern conceptual vehicle with conceptual intelligent cabin. It perfectly blends the “butterfly transformation”appearance philosophy with intelligent cabins such as curve screen, flexible screen, projection touch-control glass screen and other high techs. Equipped with the LION Cloud system of Chery, it brings the high-tech experience of driving and riding to people.

EIUV conceptual vehicle

The LION intelligent cabin, which is not far from Chery’s EIUV conceptual vehicle, integrates the leading technologies such as vehicle entertainment, and IoT, etc. It has such functions as human-face recognition, AI audio interaction and vehicle-home link, etc., able to realize full-audio operation, fatigue testing and personalized service according to the users habits. At the same time, it supports the intelligent home appliances (table lamp, fan and sweeping robots, etc.), thus realizing seamless connection between driving and life.

The intelligent city sand map of Chery, which is close to the LION intelligent cabin, directly reveals the intelligent traffic system in the model of ground, water and air. It is composed of the mounted equipment, monitoring center and telecom network (5G telecom network and satellite Internet). Combining autopilot, satellite telcome and intelligent monitoring, it builds the people-vehicle-road synergy cognition system. 

(Intelligent city sand map of Chery)

In the power exhibition zone of Chery, there are a few exhibits such as fuel battery EV whose maximum driving mileage exceeds 700km, model of China’s first hydrogen-fuel battery ship, and zero-emission hydrogen fuel component. These exhibits show the development trend of energy-saving and environment-friendly new-energy vehicles. The fuel battery vehicles use the reverse reaction of electrolysed water to transform the chemical energy to power directly. Hydrogen can be filled in three minutes, which ensures more than 700km driving mileage. The fuel battery is started in less than six seconds, whose volume specific power is as high as 4.0kW/L, or 30% higher than 3.1KW/L of the world-famous brand and reaching the world-leading level.

Principle model of Chery Arrizo5 hydrogen fuel battery vehicle and fuel battery vehicle

Chery’s hydrogen fuel battery ship model reveals China’s first hydrogen-fuel battery ship, whose power supply process does not produce any discharge of pollutants. The ship is equipped with two 155kw metal plate galvanic pile hydrogen fuel battery, whose rated power stands at 310kw, the entire ship load is 1,000t, the design speed is 16km/h and the navigation mileage is about 300km. The ship’s fuel battery volume specific power is as high as 4.0kW/L, reaching the world-leading level.

In the field of traditional power where Chery has taken the advantages, the robust China engine is the focus in the exhibition zone. Chery ACTECO 1.6TGDI engine, CVT25 automatic transmission and SQRD4D20 aviation engine now become the three outstanding machines of the brand. 1.6TGDI engine is the third-generation product of ACTECO engines, which integrates more than 10 advanced technologies with maximum 145KW power, 290N∙m peak torque and China Emission Standard VI. Its power performance exceeds the same-displacement engine of the mainstream JV brand. In this way, it is known as the Strongest China Engine. 

Chery’s ACTECO 1.6TGDI engine and CVT25 automatic transmission

CVT25 is the representative of China’s high-end transmissions. In 2019, it won the title of World Top 10 Transmission. It provides simulated 9MT, whose maximum torque reaches 250N∙m and which supports start/stop, electronic gear shift and 48V, etc. CVT25 is widely used in traditional and hybrid power models. At the same time, the transmission is also featured by rapid power response, exceptional NVH performance and fuel economy, which can match the performance of Japanese CVT. 

Chery’s SQRD4D20 aviation engine

Chery engine can be seen on the ground, in the water and air. The SQRD4D20 aviation engine developed by Chery on its own has made the maiden flight on a general-purpose airplane. It is a navigation piston engine developed by Chery that adapts to multiple oil products, which can use multiple kinds of aviation kerosene and auto diesel, thus gaining evident advantages, e.g., low fuel consumption, high reliability, secured supply of oil products and cost of use.

The 12 exhibits showcase Chery’s path towards innovative development, which become a charming scene in the Yangtze River Delta Time. In the following days, they will engage in interactions with visitors, and reveal the limitless possibilities of intelligent and green travels in the future.