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01 Jun2019
4th Chery Global Manufacturing Skills Competition wrapped up

The final of the 4th Chery Global Manufacturing Skills Competition took place in Wuhu from May 27 to 28, 2019, with the theme "Craftsmanship Inspiring Souls, Quality Leading Excellence". 151 of nearly 10,000 preliminary participants from Chery's domestic manufacturing bases, overseas plants, joint ventures and relevant industrial enterprises stood out to qualify for the final. Through intense competition, seven finalists shared the title of "2019 Chery Global Skill King"!

After more than a month of selections since the competition kicked off in April, 133 domestic competitors of Chery, as well as its 18 overseas competitors from Brazil, Egypt, Venezuela and other countries stood out for the final. In the final, they competed for the first, second and third awards for seven events in 7 categories (stamping, welding, coating, final assembly, engine, vehicle quality inspection and evaluation), and each first award winner was named "Coating King", "Welding King", "Installation & Debugging King", "QI King" or "Skill King".

Notably, in spite of a long journey, Chery's overseas competitors won the second place for final assembly by superb skills and stable performance. They were recognized by the judges and other competitors for their optimism, passion and confidence shown in the competition, and won the "Best Organization" Award.

Chery has grown positively worldwide in recent years, earning customer recognition and trust by its outstanding product quality. In May 2019, Chery was honored as the "Most Popular Chinese Auto Brand in Russia" for the fourth time; earlier Chery was listed among the "Top 20 Chinese Enterprises with the Best Overseas Image" once again for its outstanding market performance, ranking first in the equipment manufacturing category. Arrizo 5 led its annual segment on the 2018 ranking of J.D.Power-IQS. These honors are the results of Chery's persistent attention to product quality, its great efforts in promoting the standardization of the global quality control system, the production system and global manufacturing skills, as well as the constant deepening of Chery's vision to "build an outstanding standard with craftsmanship".



Chery has built "craftsmanship culture", and fostered one craftsman after another through its strict quality and production standardization system. The competitors competed and learned from each other, to make progress together. This will make the "craftsmanship spirit" take root inside Chery, and boost Chery's product power and brand cohesion.


Compared with the previous three editions, apart from a record number of competitors from 11 countries, the competition this year features the debut of Chery's upstream and downstream suppliers and dealers, and automotive aftermarket enterprises. Besides, the upgrading of vehicle quality inspection and evaluation to a competition event will further advance the global and integrated coverage and promotion of Chery's quality control system standards and ensure the synchronous quality upgrading of Chery's global products.