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08 Jul2019
Chery sells 325,000 units in first half of 2019, up 8.5%

According to the semiannual sales report recently released by Chery Holding Group (Chery Holding), in the first half of 2019, Chery Holding sold 325,000 units, including 285,000 independent-branded units, up 8.5 percent year on year, continuing to maintain growth.

Chery's brands all performed strongly in the first half of 2019. Since the beginning of this year, Chery has positively coped with the policy of China VI emission standards which will come into effect soon across the country, all key products of two series: Arrizo and Tiggo have achieved vertical switches, newly-launched star models up to China VI emission standards like new-generation Tiggo 8, Tiggo 4 HERO and Arrizo GX/EX Pro have achieved steady sales growth. Chery's new energy vehicle sales were up 10.1 percent. The 100,000th unit of star model "ANT" rolled off the line within only 28 months since its launch, to become the first electric vehicle that achieved a cumulative output and sales volume of over 100,000 units based on a domestic forward electric vehicle R&D platform; new energy vehicle Arrizo 5e was exported to Central and South America for the first time. Chery Holding's other products such as special vehicle, REV and logistics vehicle also soared to increase the sales of its commercial vehicle sector by 90.2 percent.

1.6TGDI engine independently developed by Chery

Chery's steady development has been attributable from its perseverance in "technology-based development" and systematic capacity building. Chery has grasped key automotive technologies, progressively filled gaps and kept breaking technology monopolies from engine technology to automatic transmission, chassis, engine management system and platform technologies. In recent years, Chery has further developed in the direction of new energy, IoV, intelligence and sharing. To date Chery has applied for 17,899 patents and obtained 11,513 patents, ranking top in China's automobile industry.

Scene of 2019 Chery Lion Ecology Alliance Conference

In the perspective field of smart mobility, Chery has completed the R&D of first-generation and second-generation self-driving products, and will realize L3 conditional automatic driving in 2020 and L4 high-level automatic driving in 2025. At the recent "2019 Chery Lion Ecology Alliance Conference" hosted by Chery, nearly 100 internet companies, technology companies and auto-related enterprises reached an "alliance" agreement with focus on Chery's strategic intelligence brand-"Chery Lion". In the future, members of the "alliance" will jointly overcome difficulties in fields such as mobility, smart city, 5G application, IoV user service and intelligent vehicle network information security, to expand the "ecosphere" of smart mobility.

 With focus on the automotive value chain, Chery Holding has developed into a diversified holding group operating in sectors such as automobile, automotive parts, finance, shipping, real estate and modern services. In 2017 and 2018, Chery's annual sales exceeded 100 billion yuan for two years in a row. With cumulative sales of 7.5 million units and accumulative exports of over 1.5 million units in the core sectors, Chery has been China's largest passenger vehicle exporter for 16 straight years.