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15 Jul2019
EXEED Made Presence in Dubai Airport

Dubai, the synonym of luxury and wealth, contains many number ones in the world. It has Burj Al Arab known as the world’s sole seven-star hotel, 828m-high Burj Khalifa Tower known as the world’s highest building, and the world’s largest shopping mall the Dubai Mall, etc. Dubai International Airport is one of the best and largest international airports in the world. With nearly 90 million passenger throughput, it provides service to users from over 200 countries and regions in the world.

On June 15, 2019, a Chinese auto brand appeared silently in T3 of Dubai International Airport with largest passenger flow, arousing great attention from media and consumers.

Many people are probably not familiar with EXEED. But most people know very well Jaguar Land Rover and Chery. EXEED is the all-new high-end brand developed on the basis of Jaguar Land Rover and Chery’s auto-making technologies and platforms.

EXEED is named after EXCEED. EXEED not exceeds others or the world. Instead, it learns how to exceed itself, maintains ambition for excess, has passion for the future, and kicks off the journey of excess in the unexplored field full of aspirations.

Adopting “tech, high end and dynamics” as the core brand value, EXEED uses its stylish design language, rich intelligent configurations and full-range service to provide holistic travel experience for global consumers.

The master designer Kevin Rice has given more international design style to EXEED, which has the design language featuring “plainness, purity and power”. EXEED has hardcore straightforward pattern. The all-LED intelligent sensing lamp, the plain but powerful waistline, and the integrated penetrating tail lamps perfectly blend curves and lights. In terms of intelligent techs, EXEED TXL is the first batch-production model equipped with Baidu’s Apollo OS, whose AR intelligent navigation and home appliance connectivity secure the forward-looking driving experience. The 1.6TGDI+GETRAG efficient dual clutches, the 290N•m maximum torque, and the real-time four-wheel drive that can switch driving model within 0.07se, and the front MacPherson + rear multi-rod suspension structure ensure EXEED TXL is able to drive in all-terrain conditions.

EXEED presence in Dubai International Airport is just a starting point, signaling the model is about to enter the international market. The international gene of EXEED and international platform of Dubai Airport will give wings to EXEED. It is believed that, as the model is optimized and as the strategy moves forward, EXEED will surely present the golden brilliance in the Middle East and even in the global market.