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08 Aug2019
ARRIZO5 Egypt Version with Global Wisdom Is Launched

On July 30, 2019, ARRIZO5 Egypt version, which is manufactured by Chery Egypt Factory, was launched into the local market. The launch ceremony was attended by Mr. Zhang Guibing, General Manager of Chery International, Dr. RaoufGhabbour, Chairman and CEO of GB Auto and principal of National Development Bank, Egypt Office. More than 200 people were present at the ceremony, including local elites in the industry, influential figures, representatives of excellent dealers and Egyptian media.

At the launch ceremony, General Manager Mr. Zhang Guibing of Chery International said, “Since inception, Chery has been dedicated to building the world-class brand. Chery has international talents from major automotive manufacturers in the world, thus using global wisdom and experience in design, R&D and manufacturing. ARRIZO5 is the 2.0 product developed by Chery using its global R&D system and integrating global wisdom and technologies. We will continue to optimize resources of Chery in marketing, service and production, etc., thus fulfilling Chery advantages in brand and products and providing more support for Chery’s localization in Egypt.”

Dr. Raouf, Chairman and CEO of GB Auto, also believed that as ARRIZO5 Egypt Version is launched, it will greatly improve product economy while bringing high-quality driving/riding experience to Egyptian consumers. He was firmly convinced that close cooperation of the two parties will ensure Chery’s better future in Egypt.

Egyptian consumers are quite familiar with ARRIZO5. It has streamlined appearance. The fastback C-column design is quite sporty. Besides, ARRIZO5 is equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, five-speed manual or CVT transmission, thus perfectly balancing the power and fuel economy. Even more, ARRIZO5 is equipped with button start, cruise control, electric AC and sunroof, genuine-leather steering wheel and other practical and fashionable configurations. Last but not least, ARRIZO5 has more than 60% high-strength steels in the vehicle to provide holistic protection for driver and passengers.

Egypt is the third-largest economy in Africa, where SUV and A-class models take larger market share. The newly launched ARRIZO5 is another milestone of Chery in localized development in Egypt. It is believed to improve Chery’s competitiveness and influence in Egypt and even in North Africa. The Egypt-version ARRIZO5 will definitely be favored by local consumers.