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29 Sep2019
Chery Quality Conquers the International Judges and Wins International Quality Gold Prize Again

From September 23 to September 26, ICQCC’19-Tokyo hosted by Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) was held in Japan. Chery’s Optimize QC Team Circle excelled out of the 350 QC teams from 21 countries and regions in the world and won the Gold Prize. After winning the same prize in the 42nd session of ICQCC in the Philippines and its 43rd session in Singapore, it is the third time for Chery to obtain, on behalf of China, the highest honor in the event known as “International Quality Olympiad”.

International Convention on QC Circles, ICQCC is one of the largest international quality control events in the world featured by most diverse participants and greatest cohesion. Known as “International Quality Olympiad”, 44 sessions of the event have been held since 1976. ICQCC’19-Tokyo adopted the theme “create a better future via TQM and QC team activities”. Nearly 2,000 people attended the event, including 350 QC teams from 21 countries and regions, experts of international quality control organizations, scholars and representatives of host country’s government, etc.

Chery’s Optimize QC Team Circle has won the title of Excellent QC Team of the Year for decades. Recommended by China Association for Quality, this team was from Chery and its counterparts from CASC, CNNP, Haier and GREE, etc., forming the Chinese delegation in the event to compete against the QC teams from Toyota, Honda and Tata.

With outstanding research results, fact-based materials and eloquent presentations, Chery’s Optimize QC Team Circle showcased the manufacturer’s awareness for quality control, professional competency and teamwork spirit, thus conquering international judges and audience. The Japanese judges gave very high praise to Chery for its ability to identify problems in the surveys of customer satisfaction and demands, for its strict procedure, and for the regulated and proper quality control instruments and methods. In particular, Chery’s Optimize QC Team Circle solved the problem in a very smart way by using the theory of weighing scales. The Indian judge, when commenting on the team’s performance, praised the team for its efficient cooperation and team growth.

Chery’s Optimize QC Team Circle has been dedicated to improving the vehicle quality. Up to now, it has completed 36 researches, published 17 papers and applied for 23 patents. The research result “dual-matrix vehicle whole-lifecycle quality management model” which was contributed by Chery’s Optimize QC Team Circle members, received the 2019 Award of QC Technology Progress by China Association for Quality. This team is a pioneering team for Chery to promote and apply leading QC instruments and disseminate the holistic quality management.