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31 Oct2019
Middle East journalists give thumbs up to Chery

Early this year, 33 huge billboards appeared throughout the Dubai International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. The advertiser was Chery from China. This caused a great sensation in Dubai and attracted international tourists at the airport.

The successive launch of Chery's new products like new Tiggo 8, Arrizo 6 and EXEED TEXL this year attracted curiosity and attention from Middle East mainstream media. From October 27 to November 1, nearly 20 journalists from Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman visited Chery's Shanghai Styling Center, Wuhu Headquarters, Test Center and Advanced Technology Research Institute, to experience Chery's R&D and manufacturing strength, as well as the level and charm of China manufacturing up close.

Middle East journalists visit Chery's Shanghai Styling Center and Wuhu Plant

Besides, the Middle East journalists test rode new Tiggo 8 about to be launched in the Middle East in November. During the test ride, the journalists gave thumbs up to new Tiggo 8 with trendy and elegant appearance, super strong power performance, flexible interior space and leading intelligent technology configuration, praising Chery's tremendous product strength.

Media test drive

As a Chinese auto brand committed to building global competitiveness, Chery has stuck to international standards and forward R&D. Chery's every new product needs to be developed synchronously worldwide and pass extreme environment certifications. Take new Tiggo 8 for example, it had undergone rigid adaptive development and validation in high-temperature, high-altitude, high-cold and high-humidity environment before its launch, to ensure outstanding performance in coping with hot and dry climate, refrigeration and special roads, meet and exceed the expectations of the Middle East.

To ensure product quality, Chery has also built a global quality control system. The system covers five processes (product planning, design and development, supplier management, manufacturing and marketing service). In a systematic way, Chery closely organized quality control activities of all departments and in all links, to form a mutually coordinated and promoted quality assurance system with clear tasks, responsibility and authority. During design and development, through the V-shape forward development system and process, and the use of platform technology, Chery enormously reduced the period of product development and considerably improved product quality, with its three-month incidents per thousand vehicles continuing to decrease and reducing by 66 percent cumulatively in recent years), exceeding the average level of the industry and JV brands. Chery has also earned trust and reputation for "China manufacturing" in the international market. In the selection of "Enterprises with the Best Overseas Image" organized by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Chery has been ranked among the "Top 20 Chinese Enterprises with the Best Overseas Image" three times to become a moving "symbol" of China's auto industry abroad.

Through visiting Chery's plant and test riding new Tiggo 8, the Middle East journalists knew Chery's R&D and manufacturing process more clearly, experienced Chery's input and perseverance in R&D and quality, were impressed by all these and believed that Chery's products would be favored by Middle East consumers.

Since exporting its first vehicle to Syria in 2001, Chery has taken the Middle East as the key region for overseas development. To date Chery has had 600,000 units vehicles possessed, built 4 plants and established 3 joint ventures in the Arab region and the Middle East. The visit of the Middle East journalists to Chery will further deepen the exchanges between Chery and Middle East consumers, establish a sound communication system and lay a solid foundation for Chery's sustainable development in the Middle East.

Middle East journalists pose for a group photo during their visit to China