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01 Nov2019
New TIGGO3 Is Launched in Egypt to Upgrade Chery’s Brand Force

On October 16, 2019, Chery held a press conference in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, to launch the all-new TIGGO3 into the market. The press conference was attended by the top executives of Chery International, Gahbbour Auto and Aboul Fotouh Auto, 40 government and industry representatives, 60 media journalists and 100 dealers. It is another major model of Chery in Egyptian market after the brand launched ARRIZO5 on July 31 this year, which made a big success. Up to date, Chery has upgraded its products in Egyptian market. ARRIZO and TIGGO families have entered the 2.0 era. By upgrading and launching new products, Chery will enhance its competitiveness in the Egyptian market and drive the brand into a new stage.

Since launched into the Egyptian market, the first-generation TIGGO has won great favor from local consumers, becoming one of the most popular SUV models in the local market. At present, more than 27,000 TIGGO vehicles have been sold in the Egyptian market. The new TIGGO3 launched by Chery is more stylish and has more practical configurations. The new model will carry on the cost-effective family SUV image of TIGGO, thus increasing the market share in the SUV segment market in Egypt.

TIGGO3's new and modern appearance, rich and practical configurations received great praise from the media and consumers. The launch of Chery's new-generation product also gives dealers confidence in the future development of Chery brand.

2019 marks the 15th year of Chery’s presence in Egypt. In this year, Chery has launched 2.0 products such as ARRIZO5, TIGGO3, TIGGO4 (TIGGO5X), TIGGO7, and TIGGO8, etc., gradually upgrading its brand image. In the past 15 years, Chery has achieved fruitful results in Egypt. But compared with its achievements and awards, it is more exciting to win the recognition and praise of numerous Egyptian consumers. This is the highest honor that the Chinese auto brands have gained on the African continent.

At present, Chery has more than 80 dealers and service outlets in the Egyptian market, covering the entire country. Each year, the brand would organize more than 100 offline user experience activities. On the official social media homepage of Chery Egypt, which has 300,000 fans, there are more than 50 million interactions per year. The sales and brand influence of Chery rank the first in the Egyptian market among the Chinese auto brands.