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11 Nov2019
RPL Legendary Star Works As Spokesman for Chery with Better International Influence

Recently, Chery announced that Sergey Kornilenko, the legendary football player of a powerful team FC Krylia Sovetov Samara in Russian Premium League (RPL), officially becomes Chery’s image ambassador in Russia. The partnership is based on the mutual trust and appreciation between the two parties. Using Sergey Kornilenko influence among football fans and the public, the partnership will help Chery brand upgrade itself in the Russian market.

Sergey Kornilenko

Sergey Kornilenko is the legendary forward in FC Krylia Sovetov Samara. As one of the best strikers in the history of RPL, Sergey has unprecedented popularity. About the partnership with Chery, Sergey said, “Chery has all conditions necessary for success: quality, techniques, fashionable appearance and Cost for Value. As a football player, I have similar philosophy with the brand. I am pleased to become a member of Chery, and I have confidence that more victories are awaiting us.”

As the cornerstone that radiates the entire European market, Russia is one of Chery's most important overseas markets. At present, Chery has nearly 100 dealership shops across Russia and more than 200,000 users in the country. In the “2019 Russian Automobile Annual Ceremony”, Chery Automobile, for the fourth time, won the title of “the most popular Chinese automobile brand”.

Chery has gained greatest popularity in Russia. First of all, this is because Chery products cater to the user demands. Unlike other countries, Russian consumers have special driving habits. The cold climate and complex road conditions raise high demands for the quality of the car. Take TIGGO 4 as an example, which was launched in Russian market not long ago. In order to adapt to local climate and road conditions, Chery used high-quality galvanized steel with low carbon content and high corrosion resistance in the body manufacturing process of TIGGO 4. Prior to coating, a zinc phosphate-based coating is applied to the body to provide additional anti-corrosion protection while increasing the hardness and resistance against the metal wearing. At the same time, the application of phosphate technology can also increase the durability of coating. This bodywork process ensures that Chery gives a super-long warranty period of 5 years or 150,000 kilometers. In addition, Chery has developed a complete heating configuration for Russian consumers, including seat heating, windshield heating, steering wheel heating, nozzle heating, etc., which has been greatly recognized and highly welcomed by Russian consumers.

More than that, Chery can maintain its competitive in Russia also because of the enhanced brand power and marketing power. In recent years, by sponsoring the Black Sea Cup Sailing Competition, the Shanson Music Festival, the M-1 Fighter Live Show and the Crossing Russia theme test driving activity, and through a number of branding activities such as brand horizontal cooperation, sports marketing, experience marketing, etc., it has narrowed the distance with local consumers, and gradually made Chery a well-known Chinese car brand in Russia.

In the future, Chery will accelerate development steps in Russia and speed up launch of new models. With higher-quality products and services, the manufacturer will meet Russian consumers’ diverse demands and help Chery upgrade its global influence.