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Chery QQ launched in Brazil as new model

May 19, 2011

 On April 8, on a cruiser named “Pink Fleet” at the port of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a spectacular ceremony for launching a new model was staged: Chery QQ landed on Brazil. This is the fourth model introduced by Chery, a Chinese autonomous automobile brand, to Brazil. Previous models Tiggo, A1 and A3 have achieved great success in Brazil.

 Chery QQ, a legend in the Chinese history of automobile, has created a lot of records in China and the world: a mini model with the highest cumulative sales in China (800,000 in seven years); a model exported to the greatest number of countries (nearly 80 countries and regions on five continents); Chinese mini car sales champion for six consecutive years. It successfully challenged the Guinness World Record of “narrowest drifting” in 2009; and created the Guinness World Record of “four-vehicle crossing” in 2010.
 Today when energy conservation and emission reduction is advocated, Chery QQ has been enjoying growing popularity among consumers. Equipped with an engine with the smallest displacement of 0.8L in China, Chery QQ is a representative of low-carbon, eco-friendly and energy-conserving model with a minimum integrated fuel consumption of only 4.9L/100KM. At the same time, Chery QQ has won a lot of quality awards. It was listed among “Quality Reliable Models” by China Association for Quality in 2008, ranked first in the category of compact vehicles on the list of Chinese new vehicle quality, and became the worthy champion in “Mini Vehicle Customer Satisfaction” as a result of China Automobile Customer Satisfaction Index (CACSI) in 2010. 
As a matter of fact, upon entry into Brazil, the “most popular mini car in China” has been well received by local consumers. Felipe, sales manager of Rubra, a distributor of Chery in Rio de Janeiro, told the press, “On the first day of launching Chery QQ in Brazil, all vehicles in stock were sold out. In view of QQ’s unprecedented performance in Brazil, Chery’s distributor in Brazil has placed an order of 8,000 with Chery. General Manager Curi said, “Chery QQ is not only fashionable and handsome, but also safe, reliable and of high quality, I believe QQ will be as popular as Tiggo among Brazilian people, and we are confident that QQ’s monthly sales will hit 1,000 in Brazil.”
 The first Brazilian consumer of Chery QQ is a young lady, who said delightedly that this is her first car, which is good-looking, lovely, personalized, well-equipped and cheap, and she likes it very much. As the world’s fourth largest automobile market, Brazil has grown fast in recent years, and the demand of local residents for cars have become more and more prominent as their income increased. Though without the autonomous automobile industry, Brazil is a mature automobile market. Consumers are critical of automobile quality. Based on quality products, Chery has gained a foothold in Brazil. Since Chery’s first model Tiggo landed on Brazil in 2009, Tiggo’s share in the local SUV market has picked up gradually and Tiggo had approached the top ten in monthly SUV ranking in Brazil by February 2011, thus becoming the first choice of a number of Brazilian people. And Brazil has become one of Chery’s most important overseas markets, too.
 In September 2010, with a steady increase in the sales of Chery cars in Brazil, Chery and the Sao Paulo State Government achieved a framework agreement on building a plant as China’s first of its kind in Brazil. Under the agreement, Chery will invest USD 400 million in building a one-million-square-meter plant in Brazil. The final annual production capacity of the plant will reach 150,000 cars to boost the demand of the Brazilian market for Chery products. Chery has also become the first Chinese automaker that has built a plant in Brazil.
Zhou Biren, general manager of Chery International Company, told the press, “We will introduce more models to Brazil to serve local consumers better in the future, and hope to make our contributions to Brazil’s economic development and employment.
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