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Chery Favored by Burman

Jun 1, 2011

Recently, Chery and its partner--the Second Industry Ministry of Burma (SIM) have reached an agreement of intent on building a KD plant with an annual production capacity of 3,000 to 5,000 vehicles to meet ever-increasing local demands for Chery vehicles.


Since the launch of Chery’s first vehicle in Burma in late March, Chery has gained great popularity among local government officials and consumers, the Burmese government also positioned QQ3 as a “national car”, renamed it “Burma Mini”, invested heavily in inviting a popular Burmese star to pitch Chery products on newspapers, TV stations and the Industrial Brief run by the local government. Since QQ3 was launched, its local sales have surged all the way so that it did not fully meet the demand. To resolve the situation, Chery and SIM made a joint decision to build a KD plant in Burma. After the plant is built, its annual production capacity will reach 3,000 to 5,000 to effectively alleviate local demands for QQ3 and other models of Chery.

So far, Chery has basically completed its layout in the ASEAN market, and has been favored by local consumers in several ASEAN countries.
Since entry into Malaysia in 2005, Chery has introduced several models in this market, including A5, QQ, Tiggo, B14, etc. In 2008, Chery and Alado, an auto dealer in Malaysia contracted to establish a joint venture to manufacture Chery vehicles. To date, Chery has owned nearly 50 regular stores and franchise stores in Malaysia and established a nationwide service network
In 2006, Chery landed on Singapore as the first Chinese automaker, and has kept ahead in sales since. In the same year, Chery cooperated with In-domobil, Indonesia’s second largest automaker, in building a Chery plant in Indonesia.
In 2007, Chery entered the Philippines, established 19 sales outlets and sold over 2,000 vehicles.
On November 14, 2008, Chery and Thai Chery Yarnyon (TCY) reached into a strategic agreement. Under the agreement, as Chery’s exclusive agent in Thailand, TCY will manufacture Chery vehicles in the form of SKD, and sell vehicles in Thailand and other Southeast Asian markets. Chery mainly sells models of QQ and Tiggo in Thailand.
On April 17, 2009, QQ3, Chery’s first model was launched in the form of CKD in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, marking Chery has entered the eighth ASEAN market.
Chery vehicles sell well in its last ASEAN market, marking it has taken roots in the ASEAN. On strength of a wide range of production lines and high product quality, Chery has attracted more and more consumers in the ASEAN, with its sales spiraling up.
From Chery’s first export to Syria in 2001 to entries into over 80 countries and regions, after experiencing the “period of primary exploration” and “period of penetration”, Chery is progressively accomplishing the set globalized target. Chery’s successful deployment in the ASEAN will undoubtedly serve as its decisive move in globalization.


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