2016 Chery International Business Conference
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Beijing 2016

After Chery brought its 5,000,000th unit off the line in late 2015 to become the first Chinese passenger vehicle brand that achieve this, Arrizo 5 made its launch in South America in March 2016, setting a precedent for the overseas launch of Chinese vehicles. On the occasion of the opening of Auto China 2016, Chery invited over 200 overseas dealers and over 20 overseas media to visit its headquarters in China.


On April 23, 2016, on the eve of Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, global dealers of Chery gather in the headquarters of Chery in Wuhu. An annual conference for Chery's global dealers themed on "Challenge For More" is successfully held in the deep spring of Wuhu. More than 200 overseas dealers, overseas media professionals from over 10 countries and senior leaders of Chery get together in Wuhu, sharing achievements made by Chery in the overseas markets and their expectations for Chery in the new stage of development.


In Wuhu, the overseas dealers and journalists visited Chery's manufacturing and R & D base. At the base, they test-drove Chery's new models, and learned about its developments at Stage 2.0. After visiting Chery's NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) laboratory, collision safety laboratory, K&C (kinematics & compliance) laboratory and 24-channel (drive test) laboratory, and test-driving models such as Arrizo 5 and New Tiggo 5, they spoke highly of Chery's manufacturing process and product quality, singing high praise for Arrizo 5 which was just launched worldwide simultaneously in March.


The year of 2016, for Chery, is a new start to enter the 2.0 stage and a key year to carry forward new strategies abroad. Chery is accelerating the course of internationalization in order to promote its diversified cooperation with the whole world and achieve the all-win situation. At the main venue, He Xiaoqing, Deputy General Manager of Chery Automobile and General Manager of Chery International, reviewed their achievements, honors, progress and challenges facing them globally in the past year and focuses on introducing this year's international trends and work arrangement. In spite of economy depression of international markets, Chery has still been the Chinese top exporter of passenger vehicles for 13 consecutive years. The spirit and faith of "facing the challenges and creating brilliance together" inspire every attendee and arouse rounds of applause of agreement from the overseas dealers present.

Overseas dealers are full of confidence but not unrealistically optimistic. Through years of overseas experience, Chery has got more "right to speak" in the overseas markets. Now, Chery successfully enters the 2.0 new stage, bringing more space of cooperation for global dealers. Tongyao YIN, Chairman and General Manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., grasps the overall situation and shares the general strategy of Chery Group and its internal transition in recent years with guests present. Mr. Yin shares the drastic reform process in the company in recent years. Having gone through throes and trials in these years, Chery now has formed a new technology-based and market-oriented system which is endowed with new vitality. Chery will march forward to write a new chapter for the automobile industry of China and even the world.


The successful close of the annual conference for global dealers is a good beginning for the start year of Chery's internationalization 2.0. At the brand new development stage of Chery, realizing the overall upgrade of product quality and technology is the key to Chery's global distribution, while realizing mutual benefits and win-win results with global dealers is the core goal of Chery's internationalization 2.0. In 2016, let us join hands to face the challenges, work together to make Chery an international automobile brand with global competitiveness and create brilliance together. "Challenge For More"!

Beijing 2016