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Over the past decade since establishment, we have concentrated on the auto industry. After years' efforts and constant accumulation, we have completely and independently mastered vehicle development technologies and core technologies of key parts, introduced complete products meeting diversified localized demands, and initially formed a marketing and service system covering five continents. In all links including technical R & D, manufacturing, sales channel and service network, we have kept enhancing our core competitiveness.

Apart from the Chinese mainland, we have established 14 KD manufacturing bases and 3 R & D institutes, with our sales network covering over 80 countries and regions. With over 1,100 distribution outlets and over 900 service stations worldwide, we have achieved cumulative sales of over 1 million units.


We have persistently invested over 7 percent of our sales revenues in R & D annually.To date, we have formed a complete R & D system integrating vehicle, powertrain, key parts development, trial-manufacturing test and forward-looking technology research, centering on the Automotive Engineering Research Institute in Wuhu and supported by research branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Italy, Japan and Australia. We have an R & D team of over 6,000 members which ranks top in the country and has its members from across the world. Chery had applied for 8,769 patents and won 6,153 by late 2013.

Chery Automobile Engineering Research Center

As Asia's largest, most advanced and most functional auto technology test center, Chery Automobile Engineering Research Center has built seven laboratories and a test track, and has been capable of conducting over 2,600 tests covering 23 specialized modules. The center has a technical team consisting of 600 experts and professionals. The team is the core department of product development and the controller of product quality before quality Chery vehicles are delivered to customers.

The center has China's only "National Engineering Laboratory of Automobile Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection". Using internationally advanced environmental detection equipment from Austria, the laboratory can meet the requirements of emission regulations such as Euro IV, Euro V and American standards, simulate vehicles' driving conditions in high and low-temperature environments, and is up to leading industrial standards in terms of overall testing capacity.

The center's vehicle laboratory can conduct almost all vehicle tests including power test, fuel economy test, braking test, steering stability test, transmission durability test, high-speed durability, acceleration erosion durability, braking evaluation and chassis system matching test. The center's capacity for vehicle testing is up to advanced industrial standards.

The center also has Asia’s largest collision laboratory which meets the requirements of relevant safety regulations in countries and regions such as Europe, the USA and Japan and is up to leading industrial standards in the capacity for overall testing.


We have built or are building 14 manufacturing bases abroad, such as Brazil, Iran, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela and so on. With the market radiation of these manufacturing bases, our operations have covered Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and Latin America.

Chery Brazil Plant

Brazil Plant is the exclusively-owned plant we invested most heavily in abroad. With an area of 1.04 million square meters and a total investment of 400 million US dollars, the plant will go into operation in late 2014. The project will be implemented in two phases. A plant with an annual output of 50,000 units will be built up in Phase 1; Chery Industrial Park with an annual output of 150,000 units including an R & D center and some suppliers will be built up in Phase 2. After its completion, the project will create over 3,000 direct jobs for Brazilians.

Other Chery plants


We have exported over 800,000 units to over 80 countries and regions since our first-time export in 2001 and retained the export title among Chinese automakers for 11 consecutive years. By late 2013, Chery had achieved global cumulative sales of nearly 1 million units. While constantly increasing sales, we have invested heavily in localized operation and terminal network construction. So far, we have established over 1,100 distribution outlets and over 900 service outlets worldwide, thus gradually forming an internationalized whole industry chain system integrating brand, market, marketing and service.

Chery's showroom in South Africa
Chery's showroom in Egypt
Chery's showroom in Chile
Chery's showroom in Argentina
Chery's showroom in Turkey
Chery's showroom in Brazil
Chery's showroom in Morocco