Value is the key tactics for us to achieve our goals and fulfill our mission. It is the route that guarantees we can move towards success. It is also the basic principle that all of us have to follow.

Innovative Chery - Improve Your Life

Customer first: We should always give priority to customers, be oriented by customer needs, meet and even go beyond customer expectations with excellent products and services to win their praise.

Identify the customers’ needs or expectations in a timely and effective way; and regard the customers’ needs and expectations as starting point of all company actions.

Establish the mechanism of interacting with customers to form the atmosphere of “connection to customers”;

Deem “meeting customer’s expectations” as the ultimate standard to measure the work results of each employee.

Human oriented: While meeting customer requirements and creating value, we must emphasize on people and show our trust and respect; we should provide training program for employees and ensure everyone can have his or her creativity and team force, thus realizing common growth of individuals and enterprise.

Each employee is a member of Chery family; deem employees as family members, respect their legitimate right, work results and development pursuit to safeguard their dignity;

Trust and use employees in a fair way; encourage them to play their roles in their posts;

Train employees so that they make constant progress and meet new requirements for posts;

Encourage employees so that they can grasp better opportunities, build higher quality, have better career life and gain better sense of value, pride and happiness;

Independent innovations: Customers keep changing and growing, which requires that we should take extensive absorption and make independent innovations while taking the most advanced technologies and methods in all fields;

Adhere to technical innovations and keep improving product and service quality;

Adhere to innovations in operation and management; based on Chery realities, keep making innovations in Chery operations and management to form the distinctive and effective Chery development model;

Adhere to cultural innovations; keep improving and optimizing thinking quality and lay the thinking foundation for innovations of all kinds;

Practical innovations start with details; be good at challenging and finding problems while making constant improvements;

Open and inclusive: The customers require that we should unify all forces and show tolerance, respect, trust and support based on the open business relations to secure common growth and existence.

The company can accept opinions and suggestions with an open mind; the employees can also do it in an open and modest attitude;

Able to accept new technologies and new thinking with open mind and broad vision; keep finding new opportunities;

Respect and trust partners; conduct cooperation in the mood of gratitude; provide mutual trust and grow up together;

Expert at learning from the community and partners; good at learning from competitors; the employees should also learn from each other.