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World-class automatic equipment

Design and build according to the international level, align the intelligence and automation with those of the international auto brands, create a highly automatic modern car plant. Use industrial robots according to international car manufacturing standards, and achieve the first-class automation in the world.

Stamping &welding &painting & assembling

The production process of BIW adopts 38 quality gates in line with the international standard process to effectively control quality of production process. The plant has introduced AUDIT test to all parts and technical links as well as stamping, welding, painting and assembling on basis of the original car AUDIT test to improve quality test standards.


The plant has introduced Italian and German robots and Japanese molds with 100% of stamping automation rate with the highest industrial standards.


The plant has introduced American, Italian and Japanese international advanced welding equipment with welding parameters and electrical polishing instantly monitored. Any fault of car dimensions may automatically trigger alarm by an automatic operation of parking and welding process. Online laser measuring technology ensures over 99.85% of welding accuracy. Automatic soft welding production line achieves 100% of qualification rate for key welding points.


The plant has introduced advanced DURR and Siemens painting equipment from Germany and constructed the fifth largest painting production line in the world.


By world-class ANDON production line management system, the arrangement of triggering switch pulling fits the assembly position and quality gate for instant display, storage and connection of data in addition to failure alarm.

Engine production line

The 9 engine production lines in line with the highest industrial standards have been commissioned throughout by 200 prestigious engineers, capable of making engines of up to 18 different models. Nearly 360 CNC data processing centers are able to switch production order within 18 min. Here, every production detail and all production information are closely monitored by the network. Both intelligence and automation have reached world-class standards.